Door County Zoo Guide

Are you an animal lover planning a vacation to Door County? If that’s the case, you might be wondering if there is a Door County Zoo or if there is a zoo near Door County. This post will help you find a place to encounter animals near Door County.


  • There isn’t a Door County Zoo.
  • There are two petting zoos in Door County.
  • There are several zoos near Door County.
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Is There a Door County Zoo?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a zoo in Door County in the way most people think of it. There’s nowhere in Door County where you can see lions, tigers, and monkeys. However, there are a few of these types of zoos near Door County, and there are also what some might call “petting zoos” inside Door County.

Door County Petting Zoos

Door County has two businesses that people might call “petting zoos.” This isn’t quite the right term for either of these businesses, but you can certainly pet and help care for some extremely cute animals at these two establishments. The Farm and Plum Loco are two places where your group can encounter animals.

The Farm in Door County

The Farm calls itself “A Living Museum to Rural America.” A central part of this living museum is the opportunity to pet and help care for adorable animals like kittens, lambs, goat kids, and even a huge but friendly Brahmin bull. However, The Farm offers far much more than just this experience.

The Farm helps visitors understand the vital role that agriculture has played in the course of human history and in the development of America. And, it gives a sense as to just how far the agriculture industry has come. Antique farm equipment and heirloom plant varieties are proudly displayed here.

The Farm is one of’s favorite places to visit in Door County. Make sure to check out our comprehensive review of The Farm.

Plum Loco Animal Farm

Plum Loco Animal Farm is another place that offers the opportunity to interact with farm animals. In addition to helping care for the animals, there is an imaginative play farm village that will delight the young at heart.

This philosophy of Plum Loco Animal Farm leads them to a somewhat different approach than most businesses that people call a “petting zoo.” Plum Loco Animal Farm sees itself as an animal refuge – a place dedicated to the well-being of the animal entrusted to its care.

Because of this, you might not find baby animals there. But, you are guaranteed to find gentle animals that are ready to encounter you and your participation in their care.

Zoos Near Door County

Even though there isn’t a Door County Zoo, there are certainly zoos near Door County.

NEW Zoo & Adventure Park

Locals call the region that includes Door County “North East Wisconsin.” Because of this, lots of institutions end up getting called by the acronym for North East Wisconsin: NEW. Now you know.

Anyways, the NEW Zoo & Adventure Park is the closest major zoo to Door County. The NEW Zoo is accredited by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA) and has many of the species typical for a zoo, like lions, penguins, and much more. A highlight is feeding the giraffes – but there is also a treetop Canopy Tour open year-round, as well as seasonal experiences like ziplines, a ropes course, and a climbing wall. Best of all, the NEW Zoo is open 365 days a year.

The NEW Zoo & Adventure Park is 54 miles from Sturgeon Bay in Door County. This is about a 1-hour drive.

Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary

The Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary isn’t a zoo in the traditional sense. However, it is a great place to encounter animals native to Wisconsin. This facility covers over 500 acres with lots of wildlife habitat, so you can see animals in the wild. Bird watchers love it here!

But, this is also a sanctuary for animals that cannot survive by themselves in the wild. A large number of animals can be seen here, including wolves, bobcats, cougars, raptors, and more.

If you are an animal lover, this is a must-stop location. And, it’s completely free.

Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary is about 42 miles from Sturgeon Bay in Door County. This is about a 45-minute drive.

Bruemmer Park Zoo

The Bruemmer Park Zoo is one of the smaller zoos near Door County. Completely free, this zoo is in a lovely, shady park near Kewaunee. Stop by if you are taking WI-42 to or from Door county.

The Bruemmer Park Zoo is 32 miles from Sturgeon Bay in Door County. This is about a 40-minute drive.


Even though there isn’t a Door County Zoo, there are zoos near Door County, and what many would call “petting zoos” in Door County. All of these places are worth a visit to encounter God’s amazing creatures.

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