35 Best Things To Do In Fish Creek

Here are the best things to do in Fish Creek, Door County, Wisconsin:

Discover the charm of Fish Creek, WI, with our local guide to this town’s must-visit spots. At the heart of Door County, Fish Creek offers a blend of natural beauty, outdoor adventure, and cultural richness that captures the essence of Wisconsin’s Peninsula. From the breathtaking views atop Eagle Tower to the serene waters perfect for kayaking, and the vibrant local art scene, this guide promises to unveil the hidden gems and favorite local spots that make Fish Creek a unique destination for all seasons.

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20 Best Things to Do in Fish Creek, WI

Eagle Tower

wooden tower with ramp - Eagle Tower in Peninsula State Park
Credit: Wisconsin DNR

Eagle Tower, in the heart of Peninsula State Park in Wisconsin, stands as a testament to the park’s natural beauty and history. Reconstructed in 2021, this 60-foot tower is perched atop Eagle Bluff, offering breathtaking views from an elevation of 253 feet above Green Bay.

The journey to the top can be undertaken by climbing 95 stairs or by traversing an 850-foot fully-accessible canopy walk, making it Wisconsin’s first accessible observation tower. This blend of accessibility and scenic beauty ensures that all visitors, regardless of physical ability, can enjoy the panoramic vistas that encompass the surrounding islands, Eagle Harbor, Nicolet Bay, and much more.

Visiting Eagle Tower during the fall season is especially rewarding, as the tower offers an unparalleled vantage point to witness the vibrant fall colors painting the landscape in a spectacular display of natural artistry.

Cherry Picking

cherries in the back of a pickup truck in Door County, Wisconsin
Via Hello Door County.

Cherry picking in Fish Creek, Wisconsin, is an idyllic summer activity that combines the joy of being outdoors with the pleasure of tasting fresh, sun-ripened cherries straight from the tree. This charming town is renowned for its lush cherry orchards, where families, friends, and solo adventurers can enjoy the simple pleasure of harvesting their own fruit.

The experience is not just about picking cherries; it’s about creating memories amidst the scenic beauty of Wisconsin’s countryside. The activity encourages a deeper appreciation for nature and agriculture, while also providing a delightful way to engage in a sustainable and locally-supportive practice.

Check out our ultimate guide to Door County cherry picking to learn more!


Cave Point–eastern shore of Door County

Kayaking in Door County offers an escape into tranquility, a way to connect with the water that’s both intimate and exhilarating. For me, the appeal lies in the silence – gliding across the water without the hum of an engine, just the soft sound of my paddle slicing through the waves.

If you are an experienced kayaker, you can bring your own gear and hit the waters. But, if you aren’t experienced, you should know that the waters around Door County can be quite treacherous. You’d be better off going as part of a guided trip.

Cave Point Kayak Tour

One of my favorite guided kayak trips in Door County is the Cave Point Kayak Tour. It’s not exactly in Fish Creek, but it’s not far.

This tour lets you see Cave Point County Park, one of Door County’s most popular natural sites, from a perspective that few get – from the water. You can actually see the caves which give this park its name, and even take your kayak inside one of them. These trips book up well in advance, so if you’re interested, make sure that you check availability now.

Peninsula State Park Kayak Tour

Another fun kayak tour is the Peninsula State Park Kayak Tour. This kayak tour is right in the vicinity of Fish Creek, and on the Green Bay side of Door County, so you can expect the waters to be warmer and calmer here than at Cave Point. If you’re not used to kayaking and want a little bit more experience before heading out to more challenging waters, this is the kayak tour for you.

Exploring the shoreline by kayak allows me to appreciate the nuances of the landscape. The cliffs, beaches, and hidden coves reveal themselves in a way that’s not possible from a larger boat. It’s a more personal encounter with nature, where I can feel the gentle sway of the waves and the subtle changes in the current.

Renting a Boat

boat wake
Via Depositphotos. Used by permission.

Powerboating in Door County offers an entirely different kind of aquatic adventure, one that’s filled with excitement and the thrill of speed. As the engine roars to life and the boat begins to slice through the waters, I feel a rush of adrenaline.

You can experience this, too, and you don’t even have to bring your own boat. You can rent a pontoon boat in Door County, and it’s surprisingly affordable. If you think you might be interested in this, don’t hesitate to check availability, as boat rentals often fill up months ahead of time.

Boat Tours

Grid depicting scenes of boat tours in Door County. Superimposed text says: Boat Tours.

Boat tours in Door County offer a fantastic way to explore the waters safely and conveniently, without the need for personal equipment or rentals. These tours provide an opportunity to experience the beauty of the area from the water, guided by knowledgeable captains who share fascinating insights about the local geography and history.

On a boat tour, I enjoy the leisure of sitting back and taking in the sights while someone else handles the navigation. It’s a stress-free way to see the best of Door County’s shoreline, lighthouses, and natural formations. Whether it’s a sunset cruise, a wildlife-watching expedition, or a tour around the historic lighthouses, each trip is a unique adventure.

The most exciting boat tour in Door County is the “North Shore to Death’s Door Crossing” tour. This tour will take you up to the famed Porte de Morts (Door of the Dead) passage between the tip of the Door Peninsula and Washington Island.

Along the way, you’ll see some of the Upper Midwest’s most beautiful homes. And, if the weather permits, you’ll get an up-close view that few get of the Plum Island Lighthouse. This trip is definitely worth it.

If you think you might be interested in this tour, don’t hesitate to check availability. These types of experiences in Door County often book up months in advance.

E-Bike Tour

E-bike in nature landscape
Via Depositphotos. Used by permission.

An e-bike tour combines the best of worlds. When you want to exercise, you can propel yourself. And, when you want mechanical assistance, it’s right at your finger tips. And, all that without any fumes or noise.

It’s a great way to experience the outdoors and the beauty of Fish Creek.

You don’t even have to bring your own e-bike. Multiple e-bike tours are available in Door County.

Cave Point E-bike Tour

The most popular e-bike tour in Door County is the Cave Point e-bike tour. This is a gorgeous part of Door County, and you’ll get to experience lots of it under the guidance of your e-bike tour guide. Check availability now to see if you can get on this tour.

Peninsula State Park E-bike Tour

Another great e-bike tour is the Peninsula State Park e-bike tour. What’s great about Peninsula State Park is that it combines natural beauty, history, and human ingenuity all-in-one. The e-bike tour is a great way to get all these experiences within a few hours time. See if you can get on this tour before it books up.

Segway Tour

segways - things to do in door county
Via Depositphotos. Used by permission.

If you prefer standing rather than sitting, a segway tour might be what you prefer over an e-bike tour. A segway tour offers a lot of the same advantages, and it’s also cool to use the technology.

The two most popular segway tours in Door County are the Peninsula State Park tour and the Fish Creek tour.

Peninsula State Park Segway Tour

The Peninsula State Park tour will take you through one of the most beautiful natural area in all of Door County. You’ll have the chance to explore natural wonders and mandmade wonders alike – things like scenic vistas and lighthouses.

Fish Creek Segway Tour

The Fish Creek tour will take you through the quaint and historic town of Fish Creek. You’ll learn about the history and culture of this unique place, and see some natural beauty here too. You’re never far from the loveliness of the natural world in Door County.

Fish Creek Public Beach

Shoreline scene. Superimposed text says: "Fish Creek Public Beach."

The Fish Creek Public beach is a sand beach in the heart of one of Door County’s most popular tourist destinations. It has a swimming area, viewing dock, bathhouse with bathrooms and changing rooms, water bottle fill-up station, and a foot-washing station.

Personally, I love hitting the beach in Door County. It’s one of my favorite things to do.

At the beach, all of my cares and concerns melt away as I bask in the sun, cool off in the water, and enjoy spending time with my wife and kids.

When you hit the beach, stay safe in the sun and don’t forget to bring the waterproof sunscreeen.

Another extremely helpful thing to have for a beach trip is a beach sun shelter. Even though Door County is in the north, the sun can still be extremely strong during the summer.

Nicolet Beach

beach scene with superimposed text that says: Nicolet Beach.

Another beach option in the vicinity of Fish Creek is Nicolet Beach in Peninsula State Park. It is a sandy beach with a nearby store offering boat and bicycle rentals and concessions. Because Nicolet beach is in a protected bay off of Green Bay, the water temperatures are typically warmer here than at other Door County beaches. While it normally costs money to get into a Wisconsin state park, there are ways to get into a state park for free.

Eagle Bluff Trail

Nature trail in Door County
Via Depositphotos. Used by permission.

When you’re in Fish Creek, WI, you absolutely have to check out the Eagle Trail at Peninsula State Park. This trail is like the king of all trails here, offering breathtaking views and a real sense of adventure.

The trail takes you on a journey through beautiful landscapes, from towering bluffs to serene shores, making it a favorite for both locals and visitors. Imagine trekking down 200 feet from the trailhead at Eagle Bluff, exploring caves along the shoreline, and marveling at ancient forests.

This 2.5-mile hike might challenge you with its uneven terrain, but the views and experiences are totally worth it. The trail is most popular in summer, but its beauty shines through in every season​​.

Quick Facts

Lautenbach’s Orchard Country Winery & Market

cherry blossoms in Door County, Wisconsin

If you’re ever in Fish Creek, you can’t miss a visit to Lautenbach’s Orchard Country Winery & Market. As a local, I’ve spent many sunny afternoons wandering through the lush orchard, sipping on some of the best wines the area has to offer.

The family-owned winery and market is not just about wine tasting; it’s a full experience. From picking your own cherries to enjoying the breathtaking views of the orchard, every visit feels like a new discovery. Their fruit wines are a must-try, especially the cherry and apple varieties that truly capture the essence of Door County.

Quick Facts

  • Hours: Open daily, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Address: 9197 Hwy 42, Fish Creek, WI 54212(https://www.google.com/maps?q=9197+Hwy+42,+Fish Creek,+WI+54212)
  • Website: orchardcountry.com
  • Phone: [tel:+19208683111](+1 920-868-3111)

Sunset Beach Park

sunset over the bay of Green Bay in Door County, Wisconsin.
Via Hello Door County

As a local, Sunset Beach Park is my go-to spot for winding down the day. It’s where the sky paints a masterpiece every evening, with colors you won’t believe are real. The park, right at the end of Main Street, offers a tranquil spot by the water.

Whether you’re sitting on the stone fence or walking along the shore, the views are unbeatable. It’s a perfect place for both quiet reflection and capturing stunning photos. Trust me, no two sunsets here are the same.

Quick Facts

Door Community Auditorium

microphone closeup with blurry auditorium in background
Via Depositphotos. Used by permission.

If you’re hunting for top-notch entertainment in Fish Creek, the Door Community Auditorium (DCA) is a must-visit spot. Trust me, as a local, I’ve seen some truly unforgettable performances here.

The DCA is renowned for its eclectic lineup that spans genres and appeals to a wide range of musical tastes. From the high-energy beats of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band to the soulful melodies of Gladys Knight, and the innovative dance moves of the Hiplet ballet group, there’s always something amazing to experience. The auditorium’s commitment to hosting artistically excellent, fun, and healing experiences shines through in their carefully curated shows​.

Quick Facts

Hands On Art Studio

interior of a clay working studio
Credit: Hands On Art Studio. Used by permission.

If you’re looking for a unique experience in Fish Creek, WI, Hands On Art Studio is a must-visit. It’s a creative space where you can dive into art projects of all kinds. Imagine spending an afternoon painting pottery, creating glass art, or even welding metal garden sculptures. It’s perfect for both families and adults looking to explore their creative side.

Quick Facts

This place isn’t just an art studio; it’s an adventure. From May through October, they’re open daily from 10am to 6pm, offering plenty of time to get lost in creativity​. The variety of activities ensures there’s something for everyone, making it an ideal stop for visitors looking to create lasting memories and tangible mementos of their Door County visit.

Skyway Drive-In Theater

The Skyway Drive-In Theater, a cherished relic of a bygone era, stands as a beacon of nostalgia and collective memory in Fish Creek, WI. As one of the last drive-in movie theaters in the state, it offers a unique blend of current movies set against a backdrop of starlit skies and whispered echoes of the 1950s. Open since 1950, this family-owned treasure invites visitors to step back in time and create new memories while enjoying a double feature from the comfort of their car.

Quick Facts

Skyway Drive-In Theater not only offers a double feature for the price of one but also maintains a tradition of quality family entertainment that has delighted generations. Whether you’re a local or a visitor in Door County, a night at Skyway Drive-In Theater is an unforgettable experience that combines the joy of outdoor cinema with the charm of historic Americana.

Pelletier’s Restaurant and Fish Boil

Pelletier’s Restaurant and Fish Boil in Fish Creek, WI, is the go-to place for experiencing the traditional Door County fish boil. This unique dining event combines fresh local whitefish with potatoes, onions, and a spectacle of flames and boiling water that’s not just a meal but an experience. The fish boil is a must-try for anyone visiting Door County, offering a slice of the region’s history and culinary tradition.

Quick Facts

Pelletier’s opens for the 2024 season on Friday, May 10th, promising another year of wonderful dining experiences. For those interested in the fish boil, it’s advised to call between 7:30am and 4:00pm for reservations and available seating times.

The menu features a variety of options including the traditional fish boil with Lake Michigan whitefish, baked chicken dinner, and a selection of sandwiches and dinners suitable for those who may prefer alternatives to fish. All dinners come with a set of sides and, for an additional charge, you can enjoy their famous Door County cherry pie a la mode​​.

For a truly memorable Door County experience, don’t miss out on a meal at Pelletier’s, where the atmosphere, history, and flavors blend to create something truly special.

Edgewood Orchard Galleries

Nestled in the heart of Door County, Edgewood Orchard Galleries is a haven for art lovers. Since its inception in 1969, this family-run gallery has earned a reputation for showcasing a diverse range of media from over 150 artists.

Located in a restored fruit barn, the gallery presents a tranquil setting complete with a sculpture garden that invites visitors to wander and explore. Open daily from May through October, Edgewood Orchard offers a unique blend of art, nature, and history, making it a must-visit destination for anyone appreciating creativity and tranquility.

Quick Facts

Not Licked Yet Frozen Custard

grid showing scenes from Not Licked Yet, showing why it's a great thing to do with toddlers. Scenes include ice cream cone and ducks.
Images from Unsplash. Used by permission (public domain).

Not Licked Yet Frozen Custard, nestled in Fish Creek, WI, offers more than just world-famous custard; it’s a destination for families and pets alike to enjoy delicious food amidst the picturesque backdrop of Door County.

Founded in 1982 by Susie and Clay Zielke, this charming spot has become a beloved part of the local landscape, inviting guests to dine outdoors, play on their giant playground, and enjoy the serene views of Fish Creek flowing through the property.

Quick Facts

From its humble beginnings to its current status as a must-visit location, Not Licked Yet prides itself on serving high-quality custard, burgers on freshly baked buns, and a variety of other delicious treats. They’ve made a commitment to using locally sourced ingredients, contributing to the unique flavor profiles of their dishes.

Whether you’re in the mood for a classic custard or a hearty meal, Not Licked Yet ensures a memorable dining experience for everyone, including your furry friends who are treated to their own free cone!

Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf

golf clubs on the grass
Photo by Anna Tarazevich on Pexels.com

Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf in Sister Bay is a family favorite, offering an unforgettable mini-golf experience that takes you through a world of 18th-century buccaneers. This award-winning, 18-hole course is not just about putting; it’s an adventure through mountain caves, over footbridges, and under cascading waterfalls. It’s the perfect mix of fun and challenge for all ages, making it an ideal stop for families, couples, or anyone looking to enjoy a laid-back day in the beautiful setting of Door County.

Quick Facts

Pirate’s Cove not only provides an engaging mini-golf experience but also immerses you in the pirate theme, making every hole an exciting part of the story. Whether you’re competing to be the top pirate of your crew or simply enjoying the scenic views and detailed decorations, Pirate’s Cove is sure to be a highlight of your Door County visit.

Alexander Noble House Museum

Step into the past at the Alexander Noble House Museum in Fish Creek, WI. This museum, nestled in a historic Greek Revival farmhouse built in 1875, offers a window into the life of one of Fish Creek’s founding families. Explore the 10-room house, where three generations of the Noble family lived, and discover Door County’s history through seasonal exhibits, guided tours, and special events.

Quick Facts

Immerse yourself in the charm of 19th-century life in Door County with a visit to this iconic landmark​.

Eagle Bluff Lighthouse

Visiting Eagle Bluff Lighthouse is like stepping back in time. As a local, I’ve wandered through this historic beacon more times than I can count, each visit offering a unique glimpse into the maritime history that shapes our community.

Nestled in Peninsula State Park, this lighthouse stands as a testament to the sailors and keepers who’ve navigated these waters. The guided tours are not only informative but filled with tales that bring the past to life. Whether it’s the stunning views from the top or the cozy, well-preserved keeper’s quarters, Eagle Bluff Lighthouse is a must-see for anyone wanting to experience the heart and soul of Door County.

Quick Facts

Peninsula Players Theatre

Imagine spending an evening where the magic of live theater meets the serene beauty of a bay-side setting. At Peninsula Players Theatre, this isn’t just imagination—it’s reality. As a local, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been swept away by the captivating performances here.

But what makes Peninsula Players truly unique isn’t just the shows themselves; it’s the entire experience. I always recommend arriving early to soak in the lovely ambiance right by the bay.

The moments before sunset are pure magic. And don’t even get me started on their famous “air conditioner” cocktails—perfect for those warm summer nights. Whether you’re a theater buff or just looking for a memorable night out, this place is a must-visit.

Quick Facts

Northern Sky Theatre

Theater goers watching a performance of Northern Sky Theater in Peninsula State Park.
Via Northern Sky Theater. Used by permission.

When you’re in Fish Creek, a visit to Northern Sky Theatre is a must-do. I’ve been there many times, and each visit is as magical as the last. This theatre offers something truly special: performances under the stars at their Peninsula State Park Amphitheater, and heartwarming shows at the indoor Gould Theater.

With a mix of humor, Wisconsin culture, and genuine warmth, each show leaves you feeling a bit closer to the heart of Door County. From laugh-out-loud comedies to touching musicals, there’s a show for every taste. It’s an experience that combines the beauty of nature with the thrill of live performance, making it unforgettable.

Quick Facts

Peninsula State Park

sign for Peninsula State Park
Via Hello Door County.

I’ve already suggested several spots in Peninsula State Park, but the park as a whole is worthy of mention.

If you’re looking for adventure or just a peaceful day out in nature, Peninsula State Park is the place to go. I’ve spent countless weekends exploring its vast trails, either on bike or foot, and the views are stunning. Whether it’s the majestic Eagle Bluff Lighthouse or the breathtaking sunsets over Nicolet Bay, there’s something here for everyone.

The park’s golf course is a hidden gem, offering challenging play with incredible vistas. It’s the perfect blend of natural beauty and activity, making it a must-visit spot in Door County.

Quick Facts

The Farm

Picture depicting the sign for The Farm in Door County, a great thing to do with kids.
Via Hello Door County.

The Farm is a “living museum of rural history” just north of Sturgeon Bay. While it is about 20 miles south of Fish Creek, visitors will pass near The Farm on the way to or from Fish Creek. It’s worth a stop! The main attraction of The Farm is feedings its adorable baby goats, lambs, and piglets.

Picture depicting feeding a goat kid at The Farm in Door County, a great thing to do with kids.
Via Hello Door County.

But, The Farm is so much more than just a petting zoo. It is a way of connecting with our agricultural past and therefore our human past and foundation of civilization.

The Farm is fun, but even beyond fun, it is good for the mind and the soul.

Check out our full post on The Farm in Door County.

Cave Point County Park

Large rock at Cave Point County Park in Door County, Wisconsin.
Cave Point County Park. Via Hello Door County.

Door County is legendary for having 5 state parks, but one of the peninsula’s favorite state parks is a county park by the name of Cave Point. Here, Door County’s Niagara Escarpment comes right up to Lake Michigan. The lake’s powerful waves have carved caves and rock formations in the dolomitic rock.

Only 16 miles from Fish Creek, Cave Point County Park is worth the trip for the amazing experience it provides.

It is a great place for photography, kayaking, hiking, and more. This is definitely a “must-do” activity for any visit to Door County.

To learn more about this incredible park, make sure to check out our comprehensive post on Cave Point County Park.

Cave Point County Park is the best example that Door County has far more opportunity to experience natural beauty than just state parks. Check out our post detailing all Door County’s park, preserves, and access points. As of last count, there are 136 of them!

Alexander’s of Door County

sign for Alexander's restaurant

A contemporary take on the supper club experience, Alexander’s of Door County is one of the most highly rated restaurants on the Peninsula. The decor is more clean and modern than most supper clubs, and the menu quite a bit more adventurous. However, the central element of a supper club endures at Alexander’s. This is a place to linger.

Wild Tomato

wild tomato storefront sign

With a location near Peninsula State Park in Fish Creek, Wild Tomato is a perfect place to recharge after hiking, snowshoeing, or cross-country skiing. Wild Tomato offers wood-fired pizza, salads, sandwiches, and burgers. Wild Tomato also has a location in Sister Bay.

Do you think another restaurant might suit your needs better than these two? Check out our post on the best restaurants near Fish Creek to learn about more great restaurants in the area.


campsite in Door County at night

Several public and private campgrounds lie around Fish Creek. Check out our ultimate guide to camping in Door County to learn more about camping opportunities around Fish Creek.


bourbon barrels with superimposed text that says: "Distilleries."

Given its remote location and the presence of so many fermentable crops, Door County has always had a distilling tradition, even during Prohibition years. That tradition continues with the Door County Distillery and Hatch Distillery.

Both the hatch Distellery and the Door County Distillery are directly on the way to Fish Creek, only a few miles away.


Picture showing a man handling a walleye and also the walleye teeth.
Credit: Joe Ferguson via Flickr. Used by permission (CC BY-ND 2.0).

Fish Creek is a great place to go fishing. Fishermen frequently land perch, pike, walleye, and salmon.

Shop Downtown


Park your car and stroll Fish Creek’s walkable downtown. From sunglasses to art, Fish Creek will keep you entertained as you pop in and out of cute boutiques.


Hand hold golf ball with tee on course, golf course background. A golfer showing white golf ball in glove hand holding ,green grass nature blur background sunlight.
Via Depositphotos. Used by permission.

Peninsula State Park has one of the most scenic golf courses in the state of Wisconsin. Tee times for this golf course are highly sought after.

The clubhouse has a restaurant and pro shop.

Catch a Free Concert

Musical instruments isolated on a party evening
Via Depositphotos. Used by permission.

Catch Concerts in the Park at Fish Creek for free music on Tuesdays during the summer months at 6:00 PM. Concerts in the Park are held at Noble Square Park.

Watch a Sunset

sunset over the bay of Green Bay in Door County, Wisconsin.
Via Hello Door County

Fish Creek is a wonderful place to catch a sunset. In fact, they have a park named for this fact, Sunset Park, right on the shore of Green Bay. Check out our post on Door County’s parks and preserves to find out more about great places in the Fish Creek area to catch a sunset over the bay of Green Bay.

Family-Friendly Things to Do in Fish Creek

Family engaging in a family-friendly things to do by going to the beach

Exploring Fish Creek, Wisconsin, with your family offers a treasure trove of experiences that are both enriching and exhilarating. Whether your family loves the great outdoors or prefers engaging cultural activities, this guide highlights family-friendly and kid-friendly activities ensuring memorable moments for all ages. Dive into the heart of Door County with these handpicked activities:

  • Eagle Tower at Peninsula State Park: Offers breathtaking views and accessible trails for families to explore the natural beauty of Fish Creek.
  • Cherry Picking at Local Orchards: A seasonal delight where kids can learn about agriculture and enjoy the fruits of their labor.
  • Kayaking Tours: Guided adventures suitable for all skill levels, providing a unique way to discover the serene waters and wildlife.
  • Fish Creek Public Beach: A perfect spot for a family picnic, swimming, and building sandcastles.
  • Hands-On Art Studios: Encourage creativity with family-friendly art projects, allowing you to create lasting memories together.

Pet-Friendly Things to Do in Fish Creek

family hiking with a dog in a dune like area with crags in the background

Exploring Fish Creek, Wisconsin, with your furry friend is a delightful experience, as the area boasts several pet-friendly activities that ensure both you and your pet enjoy the beauty and hospitality of Door County. From scenic nature trails to welcoming outdoor spaces, here are a few dog-friendly activities to consider:

  • Hiking at Peninsula State Park: Traverse the trails with your leashed pet and enjoy breathtaking views.
  • Exploring local parks: Many have pet-friendly areas where dogs can enjoy the outdoors.
  • Outdoor dining in Fish Creek: Select restaurants offer pet-friendly patios.
  • Cherry picking at local orchards: Some orchards welcome pets, allowing you to enjoy this quintessential Door County activity together.

Fish Creek Attractions

Exploring Fish Creek, Wisconsin, offers visitors a captivating mix of natural beauty, outdoor adventures, and cultural enrichment. This charming locality is famed for its picturesque landscapes and vibrant local scene. For those planning a visit, here are top attractions that promise unforgettable experiences:

  • Eagle Tower: A scenic lookout offering panoramic views of the surrounding area.
  • Cherry Picking at Local Orchards: A seasonal activity that delights with its freshness and local charm.
  • Kayaking Adventures: Explore the serene waters and hidden coves around Fish Creek.
  • Fish Creek Public Beach: A perfect spot for relaxation and water activities.
  • Door Community Auditorium: A hub for cultural events, showcasing local and national talent.

Free Things to Do in Fish Creek

Exploring Fish Creek, Wisconsin, doesn’t have to break the bank. The area is rich in natural beauty and cultural experiences that can be enjoyed without spending a dime. Here’s a curated list of top free things to do in Fish Creek, perfect for those who love outdoor activities and cultural immersion without the cost.

  • Enjoy a leisurely day at Fish Creek Public Beach, perfect for picnics and sunbathing.
  • Visit the historic Noble House Museum for a glimpse into the area’s past.
  • Stroll through downtown Fish Creek to admire local art galleries and shops.

Things to Do in Fish Creek in Winter

Cross-country skiers in a Door County winter landscape.

Discover the wonder of Fish Creek, Wisconsin, during the colder months with a variety of winter activities that highlight the beauty and adventure of the season. From serene snow-covered landscapes to festive local events, Fish Creek offers an array of things to do in winter, making it a perfect destination for those who love to embrace the chill and beauty of this magical season.

  • Snowshoeing and Cross-Country Skiing in Peninsula State Park: Traverse the snowy trails of Peninsula State Park on snowshoes or skis, enjoying the tranquil beauty of the forest in winter.
  • Sledding in Peninsula State Park: Experience the thrill of sledding down the park’s designated hills, a fun activity for visitors of all ages.
  • Winter Festivals: Participate in local winter festivals, where you can enjoy traditional winter activities, local cuisine, and community celebrations.
  • Ice Fishing: Try your hand at ice fishing on the frozen waters around Fish Creek, a serene way to enjoy the winter landscape and maybe catch your dinner.

Tips for Fish Creek Activities

kayaker in the waters of Door County.

Exploring Fish Creek, Wisconsin, offers an array of activities, from outdoor adventures to cultural experiences. Whether you’re looking to soak in the natural beauty of Door County or dive into the local arts scene, planning your visit can enhance your experience. Here are some tips for making the most out of your Fish Creek activities:

  • Call ahead to attractions: Since hours can change unpredictably in Door County, it’s wise to confirm operating times before your visit.
  • Make reservations to restaurants: Many popular spots fill up quickly during the prime tourist season, so booking in advance is recommended.
  • Bring warm clothes: Even in the middle of summer, temperatures can drop unexpectedly, so it’s best to be prepared with extra layers.
  • Explore local parks and nature reserves: Fish Creek is surrounded by natural beauty, making it a perfect spot for hiking, bird watching, and photography.
  • Participate in local events: Check the local calendar for events and festivals that offer a taste of Door County culture and community.
  • Visit local art studios and galleries: Discover the rich art scene in Fish Creek by visiting studios and galleries showcasing local artists.
  • Rent a bike or kayak: See Fish Creek from a different perspective by renting a bike or kayak for the day.
  • Sample local cuisine: Don’t miss the opportunity to try Door County’s famous cherries and other local delicacies.

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to a memorable visit filled with the best that Fish Creek has to offer.

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However you choose to spend your time in Fish Creek, you will not run out of lots of awesome things to do. This list of best things to do in Fish Creek, WI is just the jumping-off point for your Fish Creek adventures.

Farewell Fish Creek: A Final Toast to Unforgettable Adventures

As the sun sets on our guide, remember, the real adventure begins when you explore. With countless things to do, Fish Creek isn’t just a destination; it’s a treasure trove of attractions and activities waiting to be discovered. Dive into the heart of Door County and create memories that last a lifetime.

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Hi! My name is Mark! I have been a resident of Door County for almost ten years now, and I'm glad to help you say "Hello" to Door County. I believe that travel helps to change lives, and because of that, I want to help you improve your life through travel.

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