Discover Door County

Door County is a fascinating place. From its unique geology to its unique history, Door County offers many interesting things to learn about.

Here, you will find general information posts about Door County.

Discover Door County

fall leaves with superimposed text: Fall Colors

Door County Fall Colors 2023

Discover vibrant Door County Fall colors & top spots for leaf-peeping in Wisconsin’s scenic paradise. A breathtaking autumn adventure awaits!
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grid with an image of a door county map, the rock island lighthouse, and a sunset in Green Bay and the text "Is Door County an Island?"

Is Door County an Island?

Social media and bumper stickers may have you wondering if Door County is an island. This blog post will answer this question for you.
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collage with a sailboat, a sunset, and rocks in cave point County park. Text superimposed: "Is Door County a Peninsula?"

Is Door County a Peninsula?

Is Door County a peninsula? This post will help answer this question by clarifying the difference between Door County and the Door Peninsula.
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Superimposed text says: Winter. Background is a grid of images: woman on ice skate on a frozen lake, parade goers, woman taking pictures in a winter landscape

Winter in Door County

Explore the charm of winter in Door County! From snowy landscapes to cozy traditions, discover the magic of this captivating season.
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Grid of fall scenes. Superimposed text says; Fall

Fall in Door County

Discover the joys of Fall in Door County: Foliage, wildlife, activities, and its impact on culture & psychology. Embrace the magic!
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