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From five-stars to dive-bars, Door County has an outstanding culinary scene. Read on to learn more about places to eat and drink in Door County, including restaurants, fish boils, bars, coffeehouses, food trucks, and more.

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Places To Eat in Door County

Door County has a wide variety of places to eat including restaurants, supper clubs, food trucks, fish boils, fish fries, lunch restaurants, coffeehouses, bakeries, and more. You’re sure to find a place to eat in Door County that will suit your tastes.

One very important consideration when choosing a place to eat in Door County is the fact that many Door County dining establishments can have irregular schedules. This is for several reasons. First, the seasonality of tourism to Door County means that many Door County restaurants are closed during the winter. Even during prime tourist season, some restaurants may need to restrict their hours because of staffing shortages. A good rule of thumb when selecting a restaurant in Door County is to call ahead before you go. Even if the restaurant does not accept reservations, you do not want to be disappointed when you show up to find the restaurant closed.

Door County Restaurants

Door County has a wide variety of restaurants, including waterfront restaurants, restaurants with outdoor seating, and restaurants that are great for families with kids.

One very popular restaurant in Door County is Al Johnson’s, the restaurant with goats on the roof in Sister Bay. It is popular not only for the cute goats on the roof, but also for the Swedish fare that it offers. This restaurant is especially popular for breakfast, where people like to eat Swedish pancakes with Swedish meatballs.

Door County Food Trucks

Over the last few years, more and more food trucks have been setting up shop in Door County. Several can often be found in Sturgeon Bay, alone, and they can even be found a little more north in Door County. These food trucks often offer a little more adventurous fare than many of the restaurants, so if you are starting to get a little bored with the American food offered in most restaurants, these food trucks may offer a little more variety for you.

Door County Supper Clubs

One very unique dining opportunity in Door County is the classic Wisconsin supper club experience. It’s hard to exactly define a supper club, but the main thrust is that a supper club is a destination restaurant, a place where you go to spend an evening rather than a place you eat at on the way to somewhere else. A supper club is a place where you can linger. Check out our post on Door County supper clubs to learn more about these Door County institutions.

Door County Fish Boils

Another culinary experience that is unique to Door County is the Door County fish boil. And when we say experience, we mean this. A fish boil is not just the food that you eat, but it is a fascinating, rustic cooking process that is itself a spectator event.

You may not think that boiled fish sounds particularly appetizing, but there is a reason why these are some of the most popular events in Door County. Check out our post on Door County fish boils to learn more about this great experience.

Door County Fish Fries

Another opportunity to eat fish is the traditional Wisconsin Friday fish fries that are well represented in Door County. Although these are less pyrotechnic than fish boils, they are no less enjoyable.

The Friday fish fry became popular in Wisconsin through a combination of the Catholic custom of not eating meat on Fridays and Wisconsin’s proximity to Lake Michigan, a great source of freshwater fish. It’s an old tradition that is still well loved in Wisconsin, and many restaurants in Door County offer a Friday fish fry.

Check out our post on the best Door County fish fries to learn more about where to enjoy this great Wisconsin custom.

Door County Lunch Restaurants

Some restaurants have all-day service, while others cater more to a lunch crowd. These restaurants might specialize in food like soups and sandwiches. Many bakeries have service for breakfast and lunch, even though they do not offer dinner.

Door County Coffeehouses

Door County has several great coffeehouses. It even has its own coffee roasting company: Door County Coffee

Sturgeon Bay has the largest preponderance of coffeehouses, but there are several in Northern Door County, as well.

A couple of popular coffeehouses in Door County include the Gnoshery and Jefferson Street Coffee in Sturgeon Bay.

Door County Bakeries

Door County also offers a nice number of bakeries that offer bread, pastries, and other kinds of treats. One very popular bakery in Door County is Scaturo’s on the west side of Sturgeon Bay. Besides baked good, Scaturo’s also offers breakfast and lunch food. Some bakeries specializes in ethnic treats, like Norwegian baked goods.


Door County has lots of great places to eat. From restaurants to food trucks to fish boils to fish fries to coffeehouses, Door County has many different culinary experiences that will delight just about anybody.