The Farm in Door County [Review, Pics & Tips]

The Farm is one of the best things to do in Door County with kids, but The Farm is not just for kids. Human civilization arose through agriculture. Reconnecting with our agricultural roots will help you to understand more about humanity as a whole and yourself as a human individual. Spending time at The Farm will leave you feeling as if something missing as a result of our modern life has been filled up. The whole family will enjoy The Farm, including adults and teens.

red tractor at the farm in Door County

Why The Farm Is A Great Thing To Do

The Farm is one of the best things to do in Door County for the whole family. Here is why:

Feeding and Petting Animals

 feeding a goat kid at The Farm in Door County
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Feeding and petting animals are the highlights of The Farm. If you have arrived early enough, you will be given the opportunity to purchase a milk bottle for the baby animals or a bag of corn for the grown animals. Adorable goat kids and lambs will immediately flock around you, looking to be fed by the bottle.

goat kids at The Farm in Door County.
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You might be tempted to feed your entire bottle to one kid or lamb, but you should hold some in reserve in case there are any piglets in the stable. The piglets are extremely cute and like milk just as much as the other animals.

petting a horse at The Farm in Door County.
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Once you have fed a bottle to the baby animals in the farmyard and stable, adult animals are available to feed and pet in the barn and pastures. Goats, sheep, cows, horses, and geese are often available to help care for. A crowd favorite is The Farm’s huge Brahman bull.

cows at The Farm in Door County,
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Customers not only care for animals by feeding them. The Farm invites customers to help milk goats on a regular basis.

goat milking at The Farm in Door County.
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You might also be able to nab a kitten in the barn to carry around and show some love to.

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Chickens, rabbits, ducks, peacocks, turkeys, doves, and guinea fowl are also kept at The Farm. These animals are available to view but usually not available to handle. However, sometimes a worker will pass around chicks or rabbits to handle.

a rabbit at The Farm in Door County.
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The Farm takes magnificent care of its animals. They are all clean, well-fed, healthy, and gentle. Your kids will love interacting with them, and you will too.


the sign for The Farm in Door County
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The Farm is not just a petting zoo. It calls itself “a living museum of rural America,” and it lives up to and even surpasses its motto.

As visitors walk around the well-kept grounds, they will encounter pioneer log buildings and traditional farm buildings, most containing interesting exhibits about Door County geology, historical agriculture, and rural life. One of these buildings also houses an incubator where you can watch chicks hatch!

chicks hatching at The Farm in Door County.
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Besides the buildings, the grounds also have multiple demonstration gardens featuring heirloom plants and informational placards. These gardens are beautifully kept and a pleasure to stroll through.

a demonstration garden at The Farm in Door County.
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Historical agricultural tools and machinery can be found throughout The Farm. Some of this will be familiar and a hit with the kids. They love sitting on the bright red farm tractor in the main barnyard.

a tractor at The Farm in Door County.
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And, some equipment will be surprising and entertaining to the adults. Did you know that some farmers used dog power to grind their grain?

a dog treadle at The Farm in Door County.
Dog Treadle via Hello Door County.

Clean and Well-Kept

The Farm is immaculately kept. The barnyard and the animals’ stalls and pastures are frequently cleaned. The buildings and displays are well-maintained and clean, as are the bathrooms. The entire grounds are lovely and pleasant to spend time in.

What You Need To Know For A Successful Visit

While a visit to the farm is always pleasurable, a little preparation will ensure that you get the most out of your visit.

Best Time Of Day To Visit

The best time of day to visit the farm is in the morning, as close to opening time as possible. The Farm monitors how much milk and corn the animals are being fed. If you come too late on a busy day, you may not be able to feed the animals. On the busiest of days, they may end customer feeding of animals as early as 11:00 AM.

Best Time of Year To Visit

You will have an enjoyable time no matter when you visit The Farm, but the best time of year is mid-June through mid-July. During this time, the goat kids and lambs are still rather young, and there is a chance of piglets being there as well. The piglets may not be present earlier than mid-June, and you may also run into school groups on field trips.

What To Wear

You won’t get too dirty at The Farm, but you should still wear clothing you don’t mind handling animals in. The barnyard is crushed limestone gravel, and you will probably want to walk the grounds, so appropriate footwear is advisable.


Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day – Open daily 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
After Labor Day until close of Season – Open daily 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Admission Rates

Adults (13 and over) $9.50
Children (3-12) $6.00
Children 2 and under FREE

Milk and corn are extra for a nominal fee.


4285 WI-57, Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235




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