Does Wisconsin Exist? (Is It Real?)

Yes. Wisconsin exists. It is real.

Why “Does Wisconsin Exist?” Is a Good Question

Some people might make fun of you for questioning if Wisconsin exists or wondering if Wisconsin is a real place. Don’t let these detractors get you down.

While Wisconsin is in fact real, there are good reasons to wonder if Wisconsin exists. Here are some reasons why it is reasonable to wonder whether Wisconsin exists or not:

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Wisconsin Seems Too Good To Be True

You’ve heard about Wisconsin, and perhaps it seems too good to be true. People have described it as a land flowing with cheese and beer. Perhaps you have also heard about the Green Bay Packers, titans of virtue and athleticism, and it seems impossible that a place could be home to such a fantastic institution.

Maybe you have heard that Wisconsin borders two Great Lakes, massive, freshwater, inland seas, and you have wondered if it is possible for God to endow a land with such a blessing. Or, you have learned in school that a small portion of Wisconsin escaped glaciation, the “driftless area” or Wisconsin, and that seems impossible.

Are you a fan of outdoor sports? If this is the case, you may have some doubts that one state can have so many opportunities for outdoor recreation. I mean, the idea that in this modern age, people spear sturgeon through the ice does not sound reasonable, even though it sounds awesome.

The Wisconsin Paradox

Perhaps the “Wisconsin Paradox” perplexes you, and this makes you think that Wisconsin does not exist. Wisconsin is a northern state of the United State, and in some places, it makes up the northern border of the United States.

Despite this, Wisconsin does not share a border with Canada. This is what we at have termed the “Wisconsin Paradox.” This paradox might make you think that Wisconsin does not exist.

What Is Existence? What Is Reality?

Finally, you may question existence or reality itself. Are you simply a part of a simulation? Is what you experience simply a dream? Or, like some religions, do you believe that this universe as we experience it isn’t as real as reality itself? These might be some reasons that you may not think that Wisconsin is real.

Answering Objections to the Existence of Wisconsin

Even while it is reasonable to wonder if Wisconsin exists, there are answers to these questions.

Wisconsin Seems Too Good To Be True

As stated above, some people may wonder if Wisconsin exists, because it seems that Wisconsin is too good to be true.

While this is a reasonable objection to the existence of Wisconsin, Murphy’s Law helps us to see that it is actually likely that a place like Wisconsin could exist. Most people believe that Murphy’s Law teaches that whatever can go wrong will go wrong. Really, Murphy’s Law teaches that whatever can happen will happen.

The world is such a big place that all kinds of surprising occurrences can arise. It seems too good to be true that Wisconsin would exist, but the vast span of space and time that is this world ups that possibility.

The Wisconsin Paradox

Looking at a map helps to unravel the Wisconsin Paradox. While it is true that Wisconsin is part of the northern land border of the United States of America, it is separated from Canada by Lake Superior. This should help to alleviate your doubts about the reality of Wisconsin if you are troubled by the Wisconsin Paradox.

What is Existence? What is Reality?

As stated above, maybe you question whether Wisconsin exists because you question the nature of reality or existence itself. However, belief is tied to action. If you believe something, you will act in accordance with that belief. For example, if you believe that there is a serial killer behind a door, you will not open that door to let him into the room with you.

In all likelihood, you act as if this world you inhabit is real. You likely do not go through your day trying to “get behind” a simulation. Unless you act, on a regular basis, as if this world is not real, this is not a serious belief of yours. This should not be a reason to doubt the existence of Wisconsin

Reasons You Can Be Sure that Wisconsin Exists

Having answered some objections to the existence of Wisconsin, here are some reasons to believe that Wisconsin exists.


Many documents attest to the existence of Wisconsin. This includes such things as U.S. Law, maps, and more. An example of this is the Constitution of the State of Wisconsin.

Eye Witness Testimony

Surely, someone you trust has been to the State of Wisconsin and has born testimony to you that it exists. Either this person you consider trustworthy is an absolute liar, or you are incorrect in your doubts about the reality of Wisconsin. Both cannot be true. Since you have found this person to be trustworthy, it is reasonable to believe that Wisconsin exists.

Conclusion: Does Wisconsin exist?

Yes, Wisconsin exists. This post has answered several common objections to the reality of Wisconsin, and it has also given reason to believe that Wisconsin exists.


  • Wisconsin exists.
  • “Does Wisconsin exist?” is a reasonable question.
  • However, there are good answers to meet objections to the existence of Wisconsin.
  • There are good reasons to believe that Wisconsin exists.
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