15 Best Best Restaurants in Egg Harbor

Here are the 15 best restaurants in Egg Harbor, WI:

In the heart of Door County, Egg Harbor is a culinary treasure trove awaiting your discovery. From rooftop dining with panoramic views to cozy fireside experiences, this charming Wisconsin village serves up a diverse array of flavors and dining atmospheres. Whether you’re craving wood-fired pizzas, innovative BBQ, or local seafood delights, our guide to the 15 best restaurants near Egg Harbor ensures every meal is an adventure. Indulge in the tastes of Door County and transform your dining into a memorable journey.

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Best Restaurants in Egg Harbor, WI

Pizza Bros


pepperoni pizza
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Pizza Bros isn’t just another pizzeria; it’s where creativity meets tradition in the heart of Egg Harbor. This spot, known for its wood-fired pizzas, offers a twist on the classics, with a menu that’s as exciting as it is diverse.


Pizza Bros prides itself on crafting each pizza from scratch, ensuring that every bite is bursting with flavor. The menu showcases an array of unique toppings and combinations that promise to excite your palate. Whether you choose the Mexican-themed pizza with chili dry-rubbed pork sausage and Mexican street corn or the ‘So Smokey’ with its trio of smoked ingredients, you’re in for a treat. The Roman-style crust, sourced from a Wisconsin maker trained in Italy, adds the perfect crispy-yet-chewy foundation to these innovative toppings.


Situated next to One Barrel Brewing Company, Pizza Bros offers a casual yet classy setting that’s perfect for a laid-back meal with friends or family. Enjoy the rustic charm of a wood-fired pizza in a space that’s inviting and relaxed.

Quick Facts

At Pizza Bros, it’s not just about enjoying a meal; it’s about experiencing the joy of flavors that you won’t find just anywhere. It’s a must-visit for anyone looking to indulge in a pizza experience that’s genuinely out of the ordinary.


Mezzanine stands out as a unique dining gem in Egg Harbor, offering a rooftop patio experience that’s hard to find in Door County. This innovative spot is not just about the views; its deep connection to the local culture reflects in a food and beverage program that brings an elevated twist to the table.


The menu at Mezzanine is both inventive and satisfying, with offerings that blend local flavors with creative culinary techniques. Highlights include the praised whitefish chowder and smoked whitefish dip, perfect for those looking to savor the local catch. The menu’s variety, from the delightful cherry sauce for cheese curds to the mushroom linguine, ensures a memorable meal for every palate.


The ambiance of Mezzanine is truly special, with its rooftop setting providing stunning views of Harbor View Park and the Egg Harbor Marina. The setting is perfect for those looking for a relaxed meal with a scenic backdrop, whether it’s sipping a refreshing Lavender Gin Fizz under an umbrella or enjoying the sunset over a Spicy Mango Margarita.

Quick Facts

Mezzanine is not just a restaurant; it’s an experience that encapsulates the essence of Egg Harbor, offering a blend of great food, splendid views, and a connection to the local vibe.

PC Junction

pc junction, restaurant in door county
PC Junction via Hello Door County.

PC Junction is more than just a restaurant; it’s a delightful escape into a world where trains aren’t just for commuting but also for serving delicious meals. Since 1998, this family-friendly train-themed restaurant has been enchanting visitors, making it a must-stop destination in Door County for food, fun, and unique dining experiences.


Dive into a menu loaded with comfort and joy at PC Junction. Enjoy their awesome sandwiches, homemade soups, and the award-winning chili that has locals and visitors raving. And don’t miss the Friday Fish Fry – a true Wisconsin tradition!


The heart and soul of PC Junction lie in its train-theme. The main dining area is not just a place to eat; it’s an adventure, especially for kids. Expect your food and drinks to be delivered by a model train, adding a sprinkle of excitement to every meal. The tables, crafted from old doors, add a charming, rustic touch, and each table represents a town in Door County, enhancing the local vibe.

Quick Facts

PC Junction is not just a restaurant; it’s a destination where each meal is a joyful ride. From the food-delivering trains to the wide array of activities for kids, including pedal carts and outdoor play areas, every visit promises fun-filled memories for the entire family.

The Log Den

logs joined in a log building

The Log Den, a quintessential part of Egg Harbor’s dining scene, offers an immersive experience where the ambiance is just as noteworthy as the food. The restaurant’s structure, crafted from locally harvested logs, exudes a rustic charm that resonates with Door County’s natural beauty.


The Log Den’s menu is a delightful mix of Door County favorites, specialty steaks, and seafood. The chefs here are known for their skill in delivering classic dishes with a refined touch. The establishment is also considerate of its younger patrons, offering a special Cubbies menu. Their famed soup & salad bar complements any meal, providing a variety of fresh options.


More than just a place to eat, The Log Den is an experience. The log cabin-style architecture, enriched with carvings of local fauna like bears and eagles, sets a unique backdrop for dining. Every corner of the restaurant tells a story, making each visit memorable.

Quick Facts

While its architecture and interior are a nod to the local heritage, The Log Den’s commitment to providing a warm and inviting dining experience truly sets it apart.

Casey’s BBQ & Smokehouse


Casey’s BBQ & Smokehouse is a haven for barbecue enthusiasts, offering a unique culinary experience in Egg Harbor. With meats smoked slowly in-house using Door County cherry wood and a signature secret dry rub, this restaurant promises authentic BBQ flavors that linger in your memory.


The menu at Casey’s is a celebration of BBQ tradition, featuring tender Smoked Brisket, succulent Prime Rib, fall-off-the-bone Baby Back Ribs, and flavorsome Pulled Pork. Specialty Sandwiches, Brisket Chili, and Whitefish Chowder add variety, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Their BBQ sauce, beef brisket, and prime rib come highly recommended by patrons. Not to forget, their famous Friday Fish Fry is a must-try for seafood lovers.


Casey’s offers a cozy dining experience, perfect for both family dinners and casual meet-ups. The outdoor seating area provides a relaxed atmosphere where you can savor your meal amidst the natural beauty of Egg Harbor. The interior carries the charm of a typical Wisconsin bar, elevated by the spacious and inviting covered patio.

Quick Facts

Indulge in the rich, smoky flavors of genuine BBQ and experience the warmth of local hospitality at Casey’s BBQ & Smokehouse.

Carrington at the Landmark Resort

table setting at a Door County restaurant
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Carrington offers a dining experience that encapsulates the essence of Door County’s charm. Perched at the Landmark Resort, this restaurant is celebrated for its upscale casual ambiance, mouth-watering dishes, and the panoramic views it provides of the Bay of Green Bay.


The menu at Carrington is a testament to culinary diversity, featuring a wide array of options. From tantalizing starters like Hawaiian Rolls and Panko-Crusted Shrimp to robust entrées like the Strip Steak au Poivre and Shrimp Scampi, every dish is crafted to perfection. Not to be overlooked are their signature Carrington Ribs, a must-try for BBQ lovers. And for those with a sweet tooth, the Cherry Lemon Leche Cake is an unforgettable delight.


Carrington isn’t just about great food; it’s about the whole experience. The restaurant offers a comfortable lounge and an expansive terrace, both providing stunning views. Whether you’re cozying up inside or taking in the scenic vistas outside, the ambiance here is sure to make your visit memorable.

Quick Facts

A visit to Carrington is more than a meal; it’s an experience that combines the best of Door County’s culinary offerings with breathtaking views.

Village Café

breakfast food

Village Café, nestled in Egg Harbor, is a vibrant spot that’s a favorite among both locals and tourists. Renowned for its hearty, scratch-made breakfasts available all day and light lunches, this café offers a delightful culinary experience. What’s more, you can enjoy browsing art, home decor, and unique gifts while waiting for your meal in this eclectic space.


The Village Café’s menu brims with comfort and variety. Their offerings range from quiches and breakfast potatoes to a selection of delicious pastries like muffins and the locally famed cherry pancakes. For a hearty start, their breakfast bowls are a must-try, and the carrot cake is a perfect sweet treat to round off your meal.


The café provides a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, ideal for a leisurely meal. The charming indoor dining area, combined with the new outdoor patio, offers the perfect setting for a relaxed brunch or lunch. The unique décor and local art pieces add an artistic flair to your dining experience.

Quick Facts

Whether you’re craving a fulfilling breakfast or a light, delicious lunch, Village Café is a destination that promises a delightful dining experience with a side of local charm.

Burton’s on the Green

Group Of Friends Enjoying Evening Meal In Restaurant
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Burton’s on the Green offers a delightful dining experience nestled in the historic clubhouse of the Alpine Golf Course. This venue is known for its warm ambiance and a menu that brings classic American cuisine to new heights.


With Executive Chef Tony Gorham at the helm, the kitchen serves an array of mouthwatering dishes. From breakfast favorites to hearty lunch and dinner options like soups, salads, hamburgers, and seafood, including salmon, perch, and cod, there’s something to satisfy every craving. Plus, they cater to various dietary needs with gluten-free and vegan options upon request.


Burton’s on the Green is not just about the food; it’s also about the experience. The restaurant offers year-round clubhouse dining, allowing guests to enjoy their meals in a historically rich setting. Whether you’re starting your day with a scrumptious breakfast or winding down with dinner, the restaurant’s cozy atmosphere is perfect for making lasting memories.

Quick Facts

Burton’s on the Green is praised not only for its food but also for the overall dining experience, promising a cozy, welcoming atmosphere paired with delectable dishes that will leave you eager for your next visit.

Big Easy

breakfast food

Big Easy Bagel & Beignet brings the vibrant taste and feel of New Orleans right to the heart of Egg Harbor. This cozy spot is your go-to for a breakfast or lunch bursting with Southern charm, offering a delightful range of beignets, bagels, and more, all promising to kickstart your day in the most delicious way possible.


The menu at Big Easy is an ode to Southern comfort, featuring favorites like the indulgent beignets, known for their pillowy texture and sweet dusting of sugar. Dive into the rich flavors of New Orleans with options that span from savory breakfast burritos to sweet, fried treats, ensuring a satisfying meal whether you’re in the mood for something hearty or light.


Big Easy captures the essence of its namesake city with a warm and inviting atmosphere. The café exudes a laid-back vibe, perfect for savoring your meal while enjoying the background of upbeat, chill jazz tunes. Whether you choose to relax on their cozy patio during summer or prefer the indoors, the place always feels welcoming.

Quick Facts

From the inviting atmosphere to the mouthwatering Southern-inspired menu, Big Easy in Egg Harbor is a must-visit for anyone looking to enjoy a slice of New Orleans in the Midwest.

Burton’s on the Bay

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Nestled at the Alpine Resort, Burton’s on the Bay is a stunning waterfront restaurant that brings a touch of elegance to Egg Harbor. It’s not just the food that will captivate you, but the mesmerizing views of Green Bay from the comfort of their dining room, bar, or outdoor patio.


The culinary delights at Burton’s on the Bay span from morning till night, offering everything from heartwarming breakfasts to sumptuous dinners. The menu boasts an array of appetizers, gourmet soups, fresh seafood, and meat entrées, catering to a wide range of tastes including those looking for gluten-free or vegan options. Notable mentions include the savory halibut with buerre blanc and the pesto shrimp, praised for its uniqueness.


The ambiance at Burton’s on the Bay is one of its most compelling attributes. With its panoramic windows and outdoor seating, you’re guaranteed an unparalleled dining experience with breathtaking views. Whether it’s the golden hues of sunrise during breakfast or the tranquil sunset during dinner, the setting is perfect for a memorable meal.

Quick Facts

With a blend of delicious cuisine, attentive service, and a setting that offers some of the best views in Egg Harbor, Burton’s on the Bay is a dining destination that promises an unforgettable experience.

Coyote Roadhouse

Golden delicious batter fried fish with french fries, tartar sauce, coleslaw, and ketchup.
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Coyote Roadhouse is a beloved hotspot in Egg Harbor, known for its warm “everyone-knows-your-name” atmosphere. This lakeside haven offers a cozy escape with a menu that’s rich in local flavors and classic comfort food, making it a favorite for both locals and visitors alike.


Coyote Roadhouse prides itself on a menu that’s both hearty and heartwarming. With over 30 different bottled beers and about 10 on tap, the drinks selection is as robust as their food offerings. Don’t miss their all-you-can-eat fish fry on Friday nights, featuring a sweet, lightly breaded, deep-fried grouper. Their “heaping loaf” of thin, delicately french-fried onion rings is a must-try, famously addictive for a good reason.


The ambiance at Coyote Roadhouse is as genuine and inviting as it gets. With padded stools lining the bar and cozy wood tables, it’s the perfect place for a casual hangout. The larger tables offer a picturesque view of the deck and lake, enhancing the dining experience with a serene backdrop. Whether you’re there for a lively evening with friends or a peaceful meal by the lake, Coyote Roadhouse delivers an authentic slice of Egg Harbor life.

Quick Facts

Coyote Roadhouse is more than a restaurant; it’s a cherished gathering spot where food, drinks, and good times come together in a setting that’s quintessentially Egg Harbor.

Horseshoe Bay Beach Club

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Nestled within the Horseshoe Bay Golf Club, the Horseshoe Bay Beach Club is a serene retreat that offers a blend of leisure and sport. The Beach Club itself is a standout, especially for its picturesque pool area that sits by the beautiful bay of Green Bay.


The Beach Club is known for its special poolside menu featuring fun cocktails and delightful bites. This spot is perfect for those looking to unwind and enjoy a refreshing drink in a tranquil setting.


The ambiance of the Beach Club is defined by its stunning location on the shores of Green Bay. With a swimming pool, children’s mini pool, and a hot tub, the club provides a relaxing haven for families and individuals alike. It’s an ideal place to soak in the sun and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

Quick Facts

Horseshoe Bay Beach Club is more than just a place to dine; it’s a destination where you can embrace the tranquility of Door County, indulge in leisure activities, and create memories in a picturesque setting.

Rusty Tractor

traditional full american breakfast eggs pancakes with bacon and toast
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The Rusty Tractor serves up a true Door County breakfast experience that locals and visitors adore. With its mouthwatering menu and a warm, welcoming ambiance, it’s a place where every meal feels like a special occasion.


The Rusty Tractor’s menu is a paradise for breakfast lovers. From classic options like the “Allis Chalmers” to the indulgent “French Toast the Massey Fergusen,” there’s something for everyone. The “Veggie Scrambler” and the “Meat Lovers Scrambler” are local favorites, showcasing the fresh, local ingredients that make this place a must-visit.


Step into a cozy barn setting where the aroma of fresh coffee and sizzling bacon fills the air. The Rusty Tractor’s charm is in its rustic decor and friendly staff, creating an atmosphere that’s both comforting and inviting. It’s more than a meal; it’s an experience.

Quick Facts

Enjoy the heartwarming flavors and welcoming atmosphere at Rusty Tractor, a true gem among the best restaurants in Egg Harbor, WI.

Grumpy’s Ice Cream and Popcorn

ice cream cone
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Imagine a place where every scoop of ice cream and every handful of popcorn feels like a treat from a friend. Grumpy’s Ice Cream and Popcorn is that kind of spot. With a wide range of premium ice cream flavors and gourmet popcorn, this family-owned gem has been delighting locals and visitors alike since 2015.


At Grumpy’s, your taste buds are in for a treat. Dive into their creamy, hand-dipped ice cream or try their unique popcorn flavors. Don’t miss out on their draft root beer served in frozen mugs – it’s a fan favorite!


Grumpy’s offers a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Whether you’re enjoying your ice cream on their outdoor patio or taking a quick break from exploring Egg Harbor, the vibe here is always friendly and relaxed.

Quick Facts

Fireside Restaurant

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Fireside Restaurant is not your typical Door County eatery. This place is a haven for food lovers looking for something beyond the ordinary. With a menu that’s adventurous and innovative, Fireside offers a culinary journey that’s as unique as it is delicious.


The Fireside Restaurant takes your taste buds on a daring adventure with its mix of traditional comfort foods and unexpected twists. Executive Chef Blake Schar isn’t afraid to shake things up, blending the warm, comforting dishes of the Midwest with bold Southwestern flavors. From classics like chicken pot pie to exotic choices like camel, the menu is a playground for anyone who loves to explore new tastes.


Warm and inviting, the ambiance at Fireside is perfect for those who enjoy comfort with a touch of elegance. Whether you’re there for a family meal or a romantic dinner, the setting, complete with a cozy fireplace, makes every dining experience memorable.

Quick Facts

From the inviting atmosphere to the daring menu, Fireside Restaurant is a place where every meal is an exploration of flavors and every visit is an experience to remember.

Pet-Friendly Restaurants Near Egg Harbor

family dining with a dog in Door County

Discover some of the top spots to dine with your furry friend in Egg Harbor. These welcoming restaurants offer not just great food but also a friendly atmosphere for you and your pet. Make sure you call ahead to verify the pet policy before showing up with Fido.

  • Buttercups Coffee Shop: A cozy spot nestled in the Main Street Shops. Enjoy a cup of coffee or a cold beer in their pet-friendly outdoor cafe.
  • Greens N Grains Natural Foods Market & Cafe: Offers healthy options and a pet-friendly outdoor seating area.
  • One Barrel Brewing Company: Known for its casual ambiance and delicious drinks. Partnered with Wild Tomato for mouthwatering pizzas, and pets are welcome at their outdoor tables.
  • Casey’s BBQ and Smokehouse: Features pet-friendly tables outside. Specializes in slow-smoked meats, using cherry wood and signature dry rubs for that authentic BBQ taste.

Family-Friendly Restaurants Near Egg Harbor

family dining at a waterfront restaurant

Discover a world of flavors and fun dining experiences with your loved ones at these family-friendly spots near Egg Harbor:

  • PC Junction: Known for its interactive train that delivers food to your table, PC Junction offers a unique and fun experience for the whole family.
  • Old Post Office Restaurant: Serving classic American and seafood dishes, this restaurant is praised for its ambiance and delicious cherry pancakes.
  • Macready Artisan Bread Company: A cozy spot known for its fresh and tasty bread, making it a hit with families.
  • Julie’s Park Cafe: Offering a diverse American menu, this cafe is a great spot for families to enjoy a hearty meal.
  • The Fireside Restaurant: With a mix of American and Southwestern cuisine, The Fireside Restaurant is known for its flavorful jambalaya and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Wild Tomato Wood Fired Pizza and Grille: A must-visit for pizza lovers, offering a great selection of Italian and American dishes..
  • Not Licked Yet Frozen Custard: A perfect spot to treat the family to some delicious frozen custard, a local favorite.
  • Blue Horse Cafe: A charming cafe with pet-friendly tables outside, offering a range of delicious breakfast and lunch options.

Remember to check the current opening hours and availability, as they might vary. Enjoy your family dining adventure in Egg Harbor!

Egg Harbor Places to Eat

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Egg Harbor boasts a vibrant dining scene, offering a diverse array of culinary delights. From the fresh, hand-dipped treats at Grumpy’s Ice Cream and Popcorn to the elegant waterfront dining at The Harbor View Grill, there’s something for every palate. Don’t miss the local flavors at Shipwrecked Brew Pub, where the craft brews perfectly complement the hearty, home-style meals. Whether you’re in the mood for a sweet treat, a fine dining experience, or a casual meal with a view, Egg Harbor’s eateries will not disappoint.

Egg Harbor Restaurants with Water Views

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Egg Harbor is not just a hub for fantastic food but also offers some breathtaking water views. Dining at these spots isn’t just about the meal; it’s about the experience, combining delicious food with scenic beauty. Here are a couple of must-visit restaurants where the view is just as impressive as the menu:

  • Burton’s on the Bay at Alpine Resort: This place is a hit for many reasons. The food is top-notch, and the prices are very reasonable. What makes Burton’s stand out is its location – right at the water’s edge, providing a beautiful view while you dine. The service is excellent, and the atmosphere is just perfect, whether you’re there for breakfast, lunch, or dinner​.
  • Carrington at the Landmark Resort: Offering a relaxed and inviting atmosphere, Carrington is known for its American upscale casual dining. The restaurant promises some of the best views in Door County. With a diverse menu featuring salads, sandwiches, burgers, steaks, seafood, and appetizers, you’re in for a culinary treat. The highlight, of course, is the incredible view that accompanies your meal, making it a memorable dining experience​​.

For a more detailed look at these restaurants, including menus and reservations, you might want to visit their official websites or check out reviews on travel and food platforms.

Tips for Dining in Egg Harbor

  • Verify Hours: Always call ahead to confirm hours. Door County restaurants often change their hours, especially between seasons.
  • Make Reservations: If possible, book a table in advance. Places fill up quickly, especially during the tourist peak season.
  • Dress Warmly: Even on warm days, temperatures can drop unexpectedly in the evenings. It’s wise to carry something cozy.
  • Explore Local Cuisine: Don’t miss out on local specialties like fresh fish dishes, cherry desserts, and artisan cheeses.
  • Consider Parking: Especially in peak season, parking can be tricky. Arrive a bit early to find a spot or use local transport options.

Local Cuisine to Try in Egg Harbor

Egg Harbor is not just a feast for the eyes but also a paradise for food lovers. Here’s a list of must-try local delicacies:

  • Fish Boil: A traditional Door County specialty. Enjoy freshly caught whitefish cooked in a large pot with potatoes and onions.
  • Cherry Pie: Indulge in a slice of heaven with Door County’s famous cherry pie, made with locally grown cherries.
  • Sausage: Savor the rich flavors of locally made sausages, a testament to the area’s strong European heritage.
  • Cheese: Wisconsin is famous for its cheese. Try a variety of artisanal cheeses, from creamy cheddars to bold blues.
  • Cherry Wine: Sample the unique flavors of wine made from Door County cherries.
  • Fish Fries – including Walleye and Perch: A Friday night tradition. Enjoy a hearty meal of lightly breaded and fried local fish.
  • Swedish Pancakes: For a sweet breakfast, try these thin, crepe-like pancakes, often served with lingonberry sauce.
  • Corn on the Cob: Nothing beats the taste of sweet, locally grown corn, especially when it’s roasted or boiled and smothered in butter.

When in Egg Harbor, diving into these local flavors is a must to complete your culinary journey!

More Information About Egg Harbor

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Flavors of Egg Harbor: A Culinary Curtain Call

Egg Harbor’s dining scene is a symphony of flavors, each restaurant offering its own unique note. From casual eateries to elegant dining, every meal is an opportunity to savor the local culture and cuisine. As you explore these top picks, let your taste buds lead the way through this culinary landscape. Embrace each meal as more than just a dish, but a story of Egg Harbor itself. Bon appétit!

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