Door County Cherry Blossoms [2023]

Cherry picking put Door County on the map as a tourist destination. But, cherries delight more than just the taste buds. Every year, thousands of people descend upon Door County for the visual feast of the cherry blossoms. Seeing the Door County cherry blossoms is just that important to them.

I don’t have to travel to see the cherry blossoms in Door County, since I live here. But, I understand why so many people travel here to see them. Personally, the blossoming of the cherry trees hits me right in the chest every single year.

I’m not sure why they have that impact on me. Perhaps it’s the flourish of color after a long, grey winter. Maybe it’s the anticipation for the cherry harvest in a few months’ time. Either way, when the cherry blossoms come out, I end up taking the long way wherever I’m going so that I can take them in for a few more minutes each day.

I’d love for you to experience the cherry blossoms too. That’s why I wrote this post. Here is what we’re going to cover:

Collage showing blossoming cherry trees in an orchard, close up cherries, and buckets of cherries in the back of a pickup truck. Superimposed text says: "Door County Cherry Blossoms."

Are the Cherry Trees Blossoming in Door County Right Now in 2023?

No. As of May 23, 2023, the cherry trees are not blossoming in Door County. This is based on our observations at Meleddy Orchard near Forestville in Door County, Wisconsin. This is in the southern portion of Door County. A few cherry blossoms might be found for another few days in the far northern reaches of Door County.

Cherry Blossom Stats on May 23, 2023

Cherry blossoms on a tree in Door County
Taken at Meleddy Orchard near Forestville, WI on May 23, 2023.

While a few petals are still hanging on, as of May 23, 2023, the cherry trees are mostly bare and without blossoms.

There are likely some orchards with more petals on the trees further north in Door County. But, these should likely be gone in a matter of a couple days.

Cherry trees with minimal blossoms in Door County.
Taken at Meleddy Orchards near Forestville, WI on May 23, 2023.

If you missed the cherry blossoms, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t beautiful blossoms to see in the area. Apple trees and ornamental trees are blossoming beautifully.

Cherry Blossom Status on May 18, 2023

cherry blossoms
Taken at Meleddy Orchard near Forestville, WI on May 18, 2023. Via

The cherry blossoms at Meleddy Orchard near Forestville, WI are still beautiful, though perhaps a little bit past their prime. Some petals are starting to come off, and the blossoms have taken a little bit of color to them. They are no longer the brilliant white when they first came out.

blossoming cherry trees
Taken at Meleddy Orchard near Forestville, WI on May 18, 2023. Via

Other orchards in the county are still in their prime, particular further north and closer to Lake Michigan.

Now is the time to come up and see the blossoms. Don’t wait. I estimate that you have about one week to be able to confidently encounter cherry blossoms in Door County.

Cherry Blossom Status on May 12, 2023

cherry blossoms in Door County, Wisconsin
Taken at Meleddy Orchard on 05/12/2023 near Forestville, Door County, Wisconsin.

Well, that was quick! Only three days, and we went from buds to full flowers. These pictures were taken at Meleddy Orchard in southern Door County, near Forestville. Meleddy is in the southern part of the county, and further inland. This means that it gets warmer weather than other orchards around the county. It is probably one of the first orchards to have cherry blossoms in the county.

cherry blossoms in Door County
Taken on 5/12/2023 at Meleddy Orchard in Forestville, Door County, Wisconsin

Likely, some of the orchards in the northern part of the county, and orchards closer to Lake Michigan, aren’t in full flower yet.

However, now is the time to start coming or planning your trip to see the cherry blossoms in Door County. Make sure to get here over the next two weeks, or you might miss out!

Cherry Blossom Status on May 9, 2023

We have a little burst of activity this week! Here is what the cherry blossoms look like as of May 9, 2023:

cherry blossom

As you can see, the buds are beginning to open up. A few more weeks, and we’ll have beautiful flowers to look at.

Keep checking back for more updates!

Cherry Blossom Status on May 2, 2023

Here is what the cherry blossoms look like as of May 2, 2023:

cherry blossoms in bud stage
Taken at Meleddy Orchard near Forestville, Door County, WI on May 2, 2023. Via

As you can see, the cherry trees are still in their bud stage and have yet to blossom. But, comparing this picture with the one from April 25, I believe that you can see that they are making progress. The buds are more plump and have a deeper red color. Can’t wait to see these guys blossom in a few weeks!

Cherry Blossom Status on April 25, 2023

Here is what the cherry blossoms look like as of April 25, 2023:

Picture of buds on a cherry tree in Door County, Wisconsin
Door County cherry blossoms status as of April 25, 2023.

This picture was taken at Meleddy Orchard near Forestville, WI. The trees have some nice, large buds on them, but it’s still going to be a few weeks until they blossom out. Keep checking back to see when they blossom.

Cherry Blossom Status on April 15, 2023

Door County Cherry Blossoms
State of the cherry blossoms on April 5, 2023. Via Hello Door County.

When Do the Cherry Trees Blossom in Door County?

The cherry trees typically blossom anywhere from mid-May through early-June. However, when the cherry trees blossom is different every year and in every place.

Some years the cherry trees will blossom earlier. Some years, they will blossom later. It depends a great deal on the weather and even on what their blossoms were like the previous year.

The cherry trees will also blossom at different times on different parts of the Door Peninsula. The blossoms will come out earlier at orchards further south and in the middle or towards Green Bay. Orchards further north and towards Lake Michigan will have blossoms later.

How Long Do the Cherry Trees Blossom in Door County?

Typically, the blossoms will stay out for about a week. But, this can also vary from year to year. A strong wind storm or hail can knock those blossoms right off.

The point is this: As soon as you hear that the cherry trees are blossoming, make your trip up to Door County to check them out. You’ll be glad you did, and if you wait, you might miss it.

Where Can You See the Cherry Blossoms of Door County?

You can check out the cherry blossoms of Door County orchards across the county! The blossoms of Door County are hard to miss because they are so spread out. Florists, flower lovers, and aesthetes will love to see them. Remember, though, that these orchards are private property. Be respectful and get permission before you go into the orchard for your Instagram shots!

Check out our post on cherry picking in Door County to find out more about orchards in the area.

Why Are There Cherry Trees in Door County?

After European settlers cleared the land, they began experimenting with agricultural crops. This was more difficult in Door County than in other areas of the country. The harsh climate and difficult soils meant that many crops failed.

Finally, one farmer tried cherries. He found success!

It turns out that Door County was an ideal place to grow cherry trees. Cherries like alkaline, well-drained soils. This meant that Door County’s hillsides were a perfect place to grow them.

Also, cherries like it cold, but not too cold. Being far north gives the cherry trees the cold they need, but the moderating effect of Lake Michigan’s waters helps to keep hard frosts at bay in the Fall.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do the cherry trees blossom in Door County?

It’s different every year, based on many factors. However, as a rule, they blossom between mid-May and early-June.

Where are some good places to see Door County cherry blossoms?

Door County has cherry orchards throughout the peninsula. Popular places to see cherry blossoms are Seaquist Orchards and Sorens Valhalla Orchards.

Can you go into the orchards to get pictures?

The cherry orchards are private property. You should get permission before entering them to take pictures.


Coming up to Door County to check out the cherry blossoms is really worth it. I hope this post has helped give you the information you need to plan your trip.

If you come, I’m sure you’ll find the sights as moving as I do. I hope to see you here for the Door County cherry blossoms.

God bless,
Mark Stoneman