23 Best Things To Do Near Baileys Harbor in 2024

Wondering how you’ll spend time during your vacation to Baileys Harbor in Door County, Wisconsin? Here are the best things to do in and around Baileys Harbor!

These are just some of the amazing things to do in Door County. Make sure to check out all of Hello Door County’s posts on things to do in Door County.

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Watch a Sunrise

sunset over the bay of Green Bay in Door County, Wisconsin.
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If you are a morning coffee kind of a person instead of an evening cocktail sort of person, Baileys Harbor is a great place to catch a sunrise. Baileys Harbor’s almost-secret Midtown Lakeview park is one place you can do this. Check out our post on Door County’s parks and preserves to find out more about great places in the Baileys Harbor area to catch a sunrise over Lake Michigan.


Cave Point–eastern shore of Door County

Kayaking in Door County offers an escape into tranquility, a way to connect with the water that’s both intimate and exhilarating. For me, the appeal lies in the silence – gliding across the water without the hum of an engine, just the soft sound of my paddle slicing through the waves.

If you are an experienced kayaker, you can bring your own gear and hit the waters. But, if you aren’t experienced, you should know that the waters around Door County can be quite treacherous. You’d be better off going as part of a guided trip.

Cave Point Kayak Tour

One of my favorite guided kayak trips in Door County is the Cave Point Kayak Tour. It’s not exactly in Sister Bay, but it’s not far.

This tour lets you see Cave Point County Park, one of Door County’s most popular natural sites, from a perspective that few get – from the water. You can actually see the caves which give this park its name, and even take your kayak inside one of them. These trips book up well in advance, so if you’re interested, make sure that you check availability now.

Peninsula State Park Kayak Tour

Another fun kayak tour is the Peninsula State Park Kayak Tour. This kayak tour is extremely close to Egg Harbor, and on the Green Bay side of Door County, so you can expect the waters to be warmer and calmer here than at Cave Point. If you’re not used to kayaking and want a little bit more experience before heading out to more challenging waters, this is the kayak tour for you.

Exploring the shoreline by kayak allows me to appreciate the nuances of the landscape. The cliffs, beaches, and hidden coves reveal themselves in a way that’s not possible from a larger boat. It’s a more personal encounter with nature, where I can feel the gentle sway of the waves and the subtle changes in the current.

Renting a Boat

boat wake
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Powerboating in Door County offers an entirely different kind of aquatic adventure, one that’s filled with excitement and the thrill of speed. As the engine roars to life and the boat begins to slice through the waters, I feel a rush of adrenaline.

You can experience this, too, and you don’t even have to bring your own boat. You can rent a pontoon boat in Door County, and it’s surprisingly affordable. If you think you might be interested in this, don’t hesitate to check availability, as boat rentals often fill up months ahead of time.

Boat Tours

clouds over lake

Boat tours in Door County offer a fantastic way to explore the waters safely and conveniently, without the need for personal equipment or rentals. These tours provide an opportunity to experience the beauty of the area from the water, guided by knowledgeable captains who share fascinating insights about the local geography and history.

On a boat tour, I enjoy the leisure of sitting back and taking in the sights while someone else handles the navigation. It’s a stress-free way to see the best of Door County’s shoreline, lighthouses, and natural formations. Whether it’s a sunset cruise, a wildlife-watching expedition, or a tour around the historic lighthouses, each trip is a unique adventure.

The most exciting boat tour in Door County is the “North Shore to Death’s Door Crossing” tour. This tour will take you up to the famed Porte de Morts (Door of the Dead) passage between the tip of the Door Peninsula and Washington Island.

Along the way, you’ll see some of the Upper Midwest’s most beautiful homes. And, if the weather permits, you’ll get an up-close view that few get of the Plum Island Lighthouse. This trip is definitely worth it.

If you think you might be interested in this tour, don’t hesitate to check availability. These types of experiences in Door County often book up months in advance.

E-Bike Tour

E-bike in nature landscape
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An e-bike tour combines the best of worlds. When you want to exercise, you can propel yourself. And, when you want mechanical assistance, it’s right at your finger tips. And, all that without any fumes or noise.

It’s a great way to experience the outdoors and the beauty of Fish Creek.

You don’t even have to bring your own e-bike. Multiple e-bike tours are available in Door County.

Cave Point E-bike Tour

The most popular e-bike tour in Door County is the Cave Point e-bike tour. This is a gorgeous part of Door County, and you’ll get to experience lots of it under the guidance of your e-bike tour guide. Check availability now to see if you can get on this tour.

Peninsula State Park E-bike Tour

Another great e-bike tour is the Peninsula State Park e-bike tour. What’s great about Peninsula State Park is that it combines natural beauty, history, and human ingenuity all-in-one. The e-bike tour is a great way to get all these experiences within a few hours time. See if you can get on this tour before it books up.

Segway Tour

segways - things to do in door county
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If you prefer standing rather than sitting, a segway tour might be what you prefer over an e-bike tour. A segway tour offers a lot of the same advantages, and it’s also cool to use the technology.

The two most popular segway tours in Door County are the Peninsula State Park tour and the Fish Creek tour.

Peninsula State Park Segway Tour

The Peninsula State Park tour will take you through one of the most beautiful natural area in all of Door County. You’ll have the chance to explore natural wonders and mandmade wonders alike – things like scenic vistas and lighthouses.

Fish Creek Segway Tour

The Fish Creek tour will take you through the quaint and historic town of Fish Creek. You’ll learn about the history and culture of this unique place, and see some natural beauty here too. You’re never far from the loveliness of the natural world in Door County.

Cave Point County Park

Large rock at Cave Point County Park in Door County, Wisconsin.
Cave Point County Park. Via Hello Door County.

Door County is legendary for having 5 state parks, but one of the peninsula’s favorite state parks is a county park by the name of Cave Point. Here, Door County’s Niagara Escarpment comes right up to Lake Michigan. The lake’s powerful waves have carved caves and rock formations in the dolomitic rock.

Only 11 miles from Baileys Harbor, Cave Point County Park is worth the trip for the amazing experience it provides.

It is a great place for photography, kayaking, hiking, and more. This is definitely a “must-do” activity for any visit to Door County.

To learn more about this incredible park, make sure to check out our comprehensive post on Cave Point County Park.

Cave Point County Park is the best example that Door County has far more opportunity to experience natural beauty than just state parks. Check out our post detailing all Door County’s park, preserves, and access points. As of last count, there are 136 of them!

The Farm

Picture depicting the sign for The Farm in Door County, a great thing to do with kids.
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The Farm is a “living museum of rural history” just north of Sturgeon Bay. While it is about 17 miles south of Baileys Harbor, visitors will pass near The Farm on the way to or from Baileys Harbor. It’s worth a stop! The main attraction of The Farm is feedings its adorable baby goats, lambs, and piglets.

Picture depicting feeding a goat kid at The Farm in Door County, a great thing to do with kids.
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But, The Farm is so much more than just a petting zoo. It is a way of connecting with our agricultural past and therefore our human past and foundation of civilization.

The Farm is fun, but even beyond fun, it is good for the mind and the soul.

Check out our full post on The Farm in Door County.

Anclam Park Beach

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Right in the heart of the village of Baileys Harbor, this Lake Michigan sand beach has lots of amenities including a playground and bathrooms.

The water in Lake Michigan tends to stay rather cool, so most people will not want to swim in it until mid-July or so. Nevertheless, it’s a great place to enjoy the shore breezes, soak up the sun, and get your feet wet earlier in the season as well.

If you want warmer waters, choose a beach on the Green Bay side of the peninsula. Our comprehensive post on Door County beaches can help you find the right beach for your party.

Address: South Lane, Baileys Harbor, WI

Baileys Harbor Ridges County Park Beach

Kiteboarder in the air. Superimposed text says: "Baileys Harbor Ridges Town Park Beach."

Baileys Harbor Ridges County Park is named after sand ridges formed by the Lake Michigan shoreline in previous centuries. This is a renowned place for birdwatching and surveying unique flora.

The beach at Baileys Harbor Ridges County Park is sandy and comparatively shallow, making it a favorite for families with young children. But, these features also make it an ideal place for kiteboarding, and if you’re lucky, you will be able to watch kiteboarders perfecting their art in the Lake Michigan waves.

Facilities available include parking, picnic tables, and restrooms.

Like Anclam Beach, this is a Lake Michigan beach. The water in Lake Michigan tends to stay rather cool, so most people will not want to swim in it until mid-July or so. Nevertheless, it’s a great place to enjoy the shore breezes, soak up the sun, and get your feet wet earlier in the season as well.

If you want warmer waters, choose a beach on the Green Bay side of the peninsula. Our comprehensive post on Door County beaches can help you find the right beach for your party.

Address: 2301 Ridges Rd, Baileys Harbor, WI 54202


Chives Restaurant in Baileys Harbor, Door County, Wisconsin
Chives Restaurant in Baileys Harbor, Door County, Wisconsin. Via Hello Door County.

The Door County location of a highly successful Green Bay restaurant, Chives has made a name for itself as one of the places to see and be seen, and it is the premiere restaurant in Baileys Harbor.

Chives is a favorite of Green Bay Packers players when they visit Door County. And, it’s easy to see why.

Chives puts an emphasis on fresh, local ingredients, appealingly presented. And, the restaurant itself is appealing. In a classic Baileys Harbor building, Chives masterfully created an atmosphere combining both antique, rustic charm and modern chic decor.

Over the past few years, restaurants have been choosing to offer more limited menus, choosing to focus on deep flavors in fewer items rather than on broad offerings. That trend towards a smaller menu was accelerated during Covid.

Chives is no exception. But, despite the focussed menu, most diners will certainly find something appealing and satiating.

Address: 8041 WI-57, Baileys Harbor, WI 54202
Phone: +19208392000

Florian II

florian 2 supper club
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The Florian II Supper club has an anchor out front, and this is fitting. This Baileys Harbor restaurant has been a community anchor for generations.

The Florian II Supper Club exudes the essence of a Wisconsin supper club, with buildings from the 70s, neon signs, and a family-run operation. Now in the 4th generation of family operation, the Florian II has one of the most amazing Lake Michigan views from their dining room, and live music is at the center of the experience that they offer.

Even if you’re staying on the Bay Side of Door Couty, make your way over to Door County’s quiet side for this unforgettable experience. The Florian II does not take reservations, however, so be ready to wait at the bar for a table. This is all part of the supper club experience.

Phone: 920-839-2361
Address: 8048 WI-57, Baileys Harbor, WI 54202

Cana Island Lighthouse

Door County has 11 lighthouses, and Baileys Harbor is the closes village to the most inconic of all the peninsula’s lighthouses: the Cana Island Lighthouse.

Check out our Ultimate Guide to Door County Lighthouses for details on how to visit this and other lighthouses in the area.

Powerboating or Sailboating

Boating is a popular activity in Baileys Harbor. The Baileys Harbor marina will help to facilitate your boating adventures.


If you prefer plying the waters under your own power, Baileys Harbor is a great place to do this as well. Bring your own kayak or stand-up paddleboard, or rent one from one of the several rental outfits in the area. Many waterside resorts also lend paddling equipment for free.

Door County Brewing Co. Taproom, DCBC Eats & Music Hall

Baileys Harbor’s renaissance can probably be traced back to the Door County Brewing Company’s decision to locate its taproom here.

While beer takes center stage at the Brewing Company (and rightfully so), they have also opened a casual dining venue next door. It’s a convenient location to grab some food to eat in their lovely beer garden out back.

The menu is limited and focusses on pub favorites like BBQ and pizza. It’s limited, but sometimes all you want, all you need, is a good brew and a piece of pizza to refresh after a day exploring Door County’s natural beauty.

Address: 8099 WI-57, Baileys Harbor, WI 54202
Phone: 920-412-7226

Skyway Drive-in Theater

For a fun and nostalgic experience, take in a movie at the Skyway Drive-in Theater. They show two movies nightly throughout the summer. One admission fee gets you into both movies!

The Skyways Drive-in Theater is only 8 miles west of Baileys Harbor.

Ridges Sanctuary

The Ridges Sanctuary is a private nature preserve in the Baileys Harbor area.

The Ridges Sanctuary protects some of the most geologically and ecologically unique but also fragile landscapes in North America. You will witness geological features, plants, and even animals that you will not find anywhere else.

In addition, the Baileys Harbor Range Lights are located at the Ridges Sanctuary. Check out our comprehensive post on all Door County lighthouses to learn more about this unique structure and her sister lighthouses in the area.

A $5 is charged for adults to hike the trails. They ask that no dogs be brought.

Address: 8166 WI-57, Baileys Harbor, WI 54202
Phone: 920-839-2802

Toft Point State Natural Area

The Toft Point Natural Area is designated a state natural area by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, but it is owned by the Nature Conservancy. It is a dramatic peninsula on Lake Michigan separating Moonlight Bay to the north from Baileys Harbor bay to the south.

Toft point is one of the many examples of Door County’s amazing parks, preserves, and access points beyond the state parks. Check out our comprehensive post on all Door County’s parks, preserves, and access points to fully enjoy this place’s natural beauty.

Address: 7950 Ridges Rd, Baileys Harbor, WI 54202

Attend a Fish Boil

Boiled fish? It’s a Door County tradition you should try! Our post on Everything You Need to Know about Door County Fish Boil will tell you more about this tradition and all of the boils available in the Door County area.


Several public and private campgrounds lie around Baileys Harbor. Check out our ultimate guide to camping in Door County to learn more about camping opportunities around Baileys Harbor.

Visit a Distillery

Given its remote location and the presence of so many fermentable crops, Door County has always had a distilling tradition, even during Prohibition years. That tradition continues with the Door County Distillery and Hatch Distillery.

Both the Hatch Distellery and the Door County Distillery are only a few miles away from Baileys Harbor.

Cherry Picking

cherries in the back of a pickup truck in Door County, Wisconsin
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Door County is known as “Cherryland USA.” Take part in this All-American activity, usually sometime from mid-June through early August.

Check out our ultimate guide to Door County cherry picking to learn more!


Baileys Harbor is a great place to go fishing. Whether you take your own boat or book a commercial fishing charter, Baileys Harbor is a favorite place to pursue salmon in the big waters of Lake Michigan.

Baileys Harbor Library

Go to the library on vacation? Absolutely, and the Baileys Harbor branch of the Door County Pubic library is a lovely place to expand the mind through literature.

Shop Downtown

Park your car and stroll Baileys Harbor’s walkable downtown. From sunglasses to art, Baileys Harbor will keep you entertained as you pop in and out of cute boutiques.


Door County has multiple golf courses, so you won’t have any trouble finding a tee time. The closest golf course to Baileys Harbor is Maxwelton Braes, a Door County institution that has been open since 1929.

Catch a Free Concert

Baileys Harbor presents free Concerts In the Park on Fridays in Summer at 5:00 PM. Catch some cool tunes while you bask in Lake Michigan’s cool breezes.

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