About Us

Sunrise from Cave Point in Door County
Sunrise, Cave Point by James Jordan via Flickr. Used by permission (CC BY-ND 2.0).

About Hello Door County

Hello Door County was founded in May 2022 out of the conviction that travel improves lives and that as residents of Door County and seasoned world travelers, our team is uniquely qualified to help others improve their lives through travel. Our hope is that through the information we provide, our readers will have better health, healed hearts, sharper minds, stronger relationships, and nurtured souls.

Our Team

Mission Vision and Values

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help travelers explore Door County and beyond with image-rich and information-heavy posts, utilizing our personal expertise as residents of Door County and as world travelers.

Vision Statement

Improving lives through travel.


We will provide information found on no other blog or website.

We will provide accurate information.

We will utilize personal and expert knowledge.

We will love our neighbor as we love ourselves.

We will be clear and up-front about our affiliate and sponsor relationships.