25 Best Fall Activities in Door County

Visiting Door County in the Fall has become almost as popular as visiting in the Summer. And, no wonder. It’s a quintessential Fall location, with lots of agritourism, natural beauty, and events. Here are some of the best things to do in Door County in the Fall. These activities and attractions will give you lots of Fall fun.

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25 Best Fall Activities in Door County

1. Fall Festivals

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Fall Festivals are a big deal in Door County and often drive huge crowds. These range from wholesome, harvest-oriented festivals like the Egg Harbor Pumpkin Patch festival to more spooky festivals like Sturgeon Bay’s Thrills and Chills.

Check out our article on the Fall festivals of Door County to find out more about these fun events.

2. Go Leaf-peeping

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Door County is a great place to see Fall colors. With miles upon miles of forest, there’s lots of opportunity to see the gorgeous reds, yellows, and oranges of fall foliage.

Check out our article on Door County Fall colors to learn more about popular Fall foliage drives and more!

3. Go Apple Picking

three apples being held in a woman's hands
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Door County is famous for its cherry orchards, but most of those orchards also have apple trees. These bear fruit in early Fall. Come out to get a bushel to make into apple pie or to eat fresh.

4. Visit a Pumpkin Patch

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Most pumpkin patches aren’t just pumpkin patches. Yes, you can go and get an orange gourd there. But, they also offer all kinds of other fun, Autumn activities. Lots of pumpkin patches also offer corn mazes, hay rides, hay piles, and more.

5. Go Hiking

hiking trail
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The Fall is a great time for a hike. The air has cooled down, meaning you won’t get too hot on the trail. After a freeze, the bugs have gone away. Some of our favorite hikes are the Eagle Trail in Peninsula State Park, Europe Bay Trail in Newport State Park, and the Ahnapee Trail in Southern Door County.

6. Fishing

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In early Fall the salmon make their runs up into Door County rivers and creeks. Fishermen come from across the state to fish for them when they do. Even if you don’t like to catch fish, they can be fun to watch as they make their way up the stream and spawn. Popular places to encounter salmon in the Fall are the Ahanapee River and Strawberry Creek.

7. Sample Goods at a Farm Market

jars of honey at a Door County farm market
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Door County has several farm markets selling homemade goods like jams, baked good, and more. Many of the items they sell, like apple butter and pumpkin butter, are quintessential fall flavors.

8. Make New Friends Watching the Packers

Jumbotron at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
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Fall brings with it the much-anticipated football season. Like most places in Wisconsin, Door County is full of fans of the Green Bay Packers.

Go to just about any bar when the Packers are playing. Cheer on the good guys, and you will have a room full of new friends.

9. Watch For Packers

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Door County is known as a popular retreat for Packers players. Look for them during the football season. You might just see one enjoying his day off. A.J. Dillon is especially known to love Door County and to spend lots of time there.

10. Camping

campsite in Door County at night

I prefer camping in the Fall rather than the Summer. I like sleeping with a bit of chill in the air, and the bugs aren’t as prevalent.

Find a great camping spot in our comprehensive post on camping in Door County!

11. Take a Spooky Tour

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From shipwrecks to tales of haunted houses, Door County has no lack of spooky stories. Take a spooky-themed tour to get your chills!

12. Visit Lighthouses

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Modified from “Cana Island Lighthouse” by Carl Wycoff via Wikimedia. Used by permission (CC BY 2.0).

Fall is one of the best times to visit lighthouses. One of the reasons for this is that the Door County Maritime Museum puts on one of its twice-yearly lighthouse festivals during this time. This is a great opportunity to see some of the lighthouses not normally open to the public.

13. Go To a Local Sports Game

soccer players
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Check out a football or soccer game for one of the local high schools. Also, many adult sports leagues are still operating in the early fall. This is a fun and inexpensive way to have some wholesome, local fun.

14. Go Deer Hunting

whitetail deer
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Deer hunting is a big deal in Wisconsin, and Door County is no exception. In fact, the DNR highly encourages deer hunting in Door County due to overpopulation of the herd.

Door County has lots of public land to hunt on, and many private owners will let you hunt there as well.

15. Partake in a Fish Boil

black cauldron over a wood fire at a Door County fish boil
Modified from The Steaming Cauldron by LearningLark via Flickr. Used by permission (CC BY 2.0).

Fish boils still happen across the peninsula in Fall. And, there’s something about the wood smoke and open-fire cooking that makes it seem especially appropriate for Autumn.

The fish boil schedules might change somewhat in the Fall. Make sure to call ahead when you make your plans.

Our guide to Door County fish boils can help you find the perfect boil for your Fall vacation.

16. Go to a Door County State Park

Image of a Door County State Park with title of post.
Image modified from an original: Evening Shoreline at Rock Island by Joshua Meyer via Flickr. Used by permission (CC BY-SA 2.0).

Whether to hike, camp, fish, paddle, or climb the Eagle Tower, Fall is a great time to check out a Door County state park.

17. Go to a Door County Supper Club

collage with steak, fish and chips, bottles of alcohol, and alcohol glasses at a Door County supper club

Fall is a time of nostalgia. And, supper clubs are a great place to nurture that nostalgic feeling.

One place that would be great to visit in the Fall is Donny’s Glidden Lodge. Since it looks across Whitefish Bay, you would be able to see beautiful fall foliage across the water if you time it right.

Make sure to check out our article on the supper clubs of Door County to select the right restaurant for you.

18. Visit Cave Point County Park

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November is known for producing huge waves on the Great Lakes. This means that Cave Point County Park would be an exhilarating place to visit in November.

There’s a good chance you would see waves surging in Devil’s Cauldron. They might even get high enough to splash you!

19. Visit a Winery, Brewery, or Distillery

wine barrels
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Get into high spirits with some Door County-produced spirits. Door County has a good selection of wineries, breweries, and distilleries to choose from.

20. Check Out Seasonal Fare

soup bowl with soup in it
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Many Door County restaurants vary their fare by the season, often utilizing local ingredients. Check their websites or Facebook profiles to see what seasonal items they are offering.

21. Go to a Door County Church

church pews
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Churches get back into full swing in the Fall. Sunday School classes start up again, and congregants gather back in after a summer of trips. This is a great time to go and hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

22. Visit the Library

woman's hand touching books in a library shelf. Going to the library is a good Door County fall activity.
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Sometimes the weather just doesn’t cooperate in the Fall. Cold and wet weather means that it’s better to stay indoors.

The library might just be one of the best places to spend sometime indoors. And, it’s completely free.

One particularly popular library is the Egg Harbor Library in the Kress Pavilion.

23. Ship Watching

freighter ship in Door County
Credit: Sharon Mollerus via Flickr. Used by permission (CC BY 2.0).

Door County is a great place for ship watching. Late Fall is a particularly good time to watch!

Many ships are quite busy in the Fall. This is because ports are trying to get their final shipments in before the Winter freeze up.

Keep a watch on Boatnerd.com to keep track of ships and when they might pass through the area.

24. Geocaching

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Geocaching involves using GPS to find hidden deposits. Geocaching.com has a good introduction to finding your first geocache. Door County has many geocaches to search for.

25. Visit a Cemetery

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Fall is a time when we take stock of our lives and number our days. The perfect place to do this is at a cemetery.
It used to be more common to spend time in cemeteries, not just to visit the graves of the beloved, but also to reflect on the nature of human life. “It is better to go to the house of mourning than to go to the house of feasting, for this is the end of all mankind, and the living will lay it to heart” (Ecclesiastes 7:2 ESV).
As long as you maintain a respectful demeanor, you will be welcome to visit Door County cemeteries, and you will be a better person for it.

Lodging for a Fall Visit to Door County

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Why Door County Is Popular to Visit in the Fall

Door County becomes a top spot for visitors in autumn. With its beautiful scenery and outdoor activities, it’s a perfect place to unwind and enjoy nature. Visitors flock here to pick apples in orchards, explore pumpkin patches, and take scenic drives to witness the breathtaking fall foliage. The charming villages offer cozy shops and delicious treats like fresh-baked pies and caramel apples. Don’t forget about the delightful festivals and events that celebrate the season. Fall in Door County is an experience you won’t want to miss!

Things to Do in Door County in the Fall

Door County has a plethora of things to do in the Fall. Popular things to do in Door County in the Fall include hiking, apple picking, and going to Fall festivals. Get in the Autumn spirit with these seasonal activities.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Door County Fall Activities and Things To Do

What are the best outdoor activities in Door County during the fall?

Hiking through state parks to see fall foliage, apple picking in orchards, and scenic drives along the coastline are popular options.

Are there any fall festivals in Door County?

Yes, there are many! The Fall Festival in Sister Bay and Pumpkin Patch Festival in Egg Harbor are two well-known events with fun activities and delicious treats.

What are some indoor attractions to visit in Door County during the fall?

Door County has indoor options too! You can explore art galleries, visit wineries and breweries, enjoy cozy cafes, and check out local museums. It’s a great way to stay entertained and warm on cooler fall days.

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