See Door County's Gorgeous Cherry Blossoms

Door County

Door County is a peninsula and archipelago in Wisconsin, jutting into the gorgeous waters of Lake Michigan.


It's famous for its cherry orchards dotting the landscape. People love to come here to pick cherries.

Cherry Blossoms

But, cherry trees don't just provide delicious fruit. Their blossoms also provide beautiful sights.

When Cherries Blossom in Door County

The cherry trees typically blossom from mid-May through early-June. Swipe up for updates about their status.

Where to See Cherry Blossoms in Door County

Popular places to see cherry blossoms in Door County include Meleddy Orchards, Seaquist Orchards, and Lautenbach Orchards

Door County Cherries

The trees will eventually bear fruit. Cherry picking season is usually in early to mid-July.

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