10 Best Wisconsin Beach Towns

Want to hit the beach, but you live in the Midwest? You don’t have to go to the East or West Coast to get sand between your toes and the sound of waves in your ears. These Wisconsin beach towns are great places to relax in the sun and surf.

Wisconsin has shorelines along two Great Lakes: Lake Michigan and Lake Superior. Both lakes have popular beaches.

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Lake Michigan Wisconsin Beach Towns

The most popular beach towns in Wisconsin are on Lake Michigan. While Wisconsin has shorelines along two Great Lakes, the waters in Lake Michigan will often warm up more than the waters of Lake Superior. Also, the bay of Green Bay is a part of the larger Lake Michigan. The waters of the bay of Green Bay will warm up even sooner than the main body of Lake Michigan, especially in some of the protected, smaller bays off of Green Bay.

Sturgeon Bay

We are listing Sturgeon Bay as the first Wisconsin beach town because it is closest to some of the beaches that become the most comfortable for swimming early in the season. While you might not want to swim on lots of Lake Michigan beaches until July, you can comfortably swim at some of the beaches on the Green Bay side of Door County in June.

Haines Beach is especially good for early-season swimming, as the shallow, protected waters are some of the first in Wisconsin to warm up. Check out our comprehensive post on the beaches of Door County to learn more about Haines Beach and the other great beaches in the area.


Algoma is another great Wisconsin beach town. In fact, Algoma is one of the most popular beach towns in northeast Wisconsin. When the temperatures in the region get hot, people flock out of the nearby city of Green Bay to line the shores of Algoma.

Algoma is a hidden gem of a town that is well worth a visit. Make sure to check out our post on the best things to do in Algoma to learn more!


Jacksonport has a beach right in town. And, this beach is famous because people love to swim here in winter. You hear that right!

Every New Year’s Day, the Jacksonport Polar Bear Club hosts a swim as a fundraiser for local charities. Participate in the swim, and you become part of the club!

Jacksonport is also the gateway town to Door County’s famous Whitefish Dunes State Park. This park boasts one of the most popular beaches in Door County.

Baileys Harbor

Another Door County, Wisconsin beach town, Baileys Harbor offers access to several beaches. Anclam Park in Baileys Harbor has a beach. Another popular beach in the area is the Baileys Harbor Ridges County Park Beach. A nice place for a swim, its also legendary for another sport: kiteboarding. Kiteboarders love this beach, as it is a safe place to practice their sport and has good wind and wave dynamics.

Sister Bay

When you think of a Wisconsin beach town, it’s hard not to think of Sister Bay. Sister Bay is its waterfront, and the waterfront is Sister Bay. Located on the bay of Green Bay, the waters here will warm up faster than they will on the main body of Lake Michigan.

Sister Bay Beach, located at Waterfront Park, is a popular beach right in the heart of Sister Bay, with lots of restaurants and activities around. Many people enjoy diving off of the pier. If you stay in Sister Bay, you will be able to walk to the beach, and when you need a break from the beach, walk to one of the many businesses in this popular Door County village.

Two Rivers

Known as “Cool City, USA,” Two Rivers is one of the best beach towns in Wisconsin. One thing that makes Two Rivers such a great beach town is that its main public beach at Neshotah Park has great facilities such as a beach house with showers, changing rooms, and bathrooms.

Two Rivers is also one of the best Wisconsin beach towns due to its proximity to Point Beach State Park. This state park boasts a lovely beach and a huge, picturesque lighthouse.


Sheboygan has multiple nearby beaches. Kohler-Andrae State Park has a nice, large beach, as do two local parks: Deland Park (North Beach) and King Park (South Beach.)

Sheboygan’s North Beach at Deland Park gained international notoriety with the release of the 2005 surfing documentary Into the Blue. This beach is the freshwater surfing capital of the world. Yes, you can surf on the Great Lakes. It’s not uncommon to see surfboards on top of cars in Sheboygan.


The biggest beach town in Wisconsin, the Milwaukee area has several good beaches. Bradford Beach is right downtown and has been named one of the top urban beaches in the United States. It has a bathhouse and volleyball nets and is known for its nice sand.

 Another popular beach in Milwaukee is South Shore Beach. A nearby pavilion offers services like restrooms, and it also has sand volleyball.

Lake Superior Wisconsin Beach Towns

Even though the most popular beach towns in Wisconsin are on Lake Michigan, there are also some along the Lake Superior shore. Even though the waters typically stay colder here, sometimes they can warm up to be quite comfortable. And, on hot days, the cool water of Lake Superior can be quite desirable.


With stunning views of Lake Superior, Ashland is a hidden gem of a town that is a great place to visit. Ashland has several beaches, many of them with services such as restrooms. The most popular beach in Ashland is Maslowski Beach.


Bayfield is the gateway town to the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. This is a great place to visit to encounter the islands, the nearby sea caves, and the beaches. Meyers Beach is a popular spot for sunbathers, swimmers, and kayakers.


  • Wisconsin has many great beach towns.
  • The Wisconsin beach towns with the warmest water are on the bay of Green Bay.
  • The most popular Wisconsin beach towns are on Lake Michigan.
  • Wisconsin beach towns on Lake Michigan are worth a visit.
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