What Lake is Door County On?

You’ve heard that Door County is a great place to vacation in the Great Lakes Region of the United States. But, perhaps your geography is a little rusty, and you’re wondering which Great Lake Door County is on. This post will answer that question.

What Lake is Door County On?

Door County is on Lake Michigan.

Door County is on the east side of the State of Wisconsin, along the shore of Lake Michigan.

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Is Door County on Lake Superior?

If you are wondering what body of water Door County is on, you might perhaps wonder if Door County is on Lake Superior.

No, Door County is not on Lake Superior.

However, it is not a bad guess to think that Door County is on Lake Superior. The State of Wisconsin borders two Great Lakes: Lake Superior and Lake Michigan.

Door County is on Lake Michigan. But, Ashland County, Bayfield County, Douglas County, and Iron County are on Lake Superior.

Other Counties on Lake Michigan

If you’re wondering what lake Door County is on, you might also be interested in what other counties are on Lake Michigan. Other Wisconsin counties on Lake Michigan include Kewaunee County, Brown County, Marinette County, Oconto County, Manitowoc County, Sheboygan County, Ozaukee County, Milwaukee County, Racine County, and Kenosha County.

Even though these other counties are also on Lake Michigan, Door County could be said to have the closest relationship to Lake Michigan. This is because the land of Door County consists of a peninsula and islands that extend into Lake Michigan from the mainland of Wisconsin.

Other Bodies of Water Along the Shore of Door County

Besides Lake Michigan, Door County is on two other major bodies of water. Lake Michigan is on the east side of Door County, but the bay of Green Bay is on the west side, and Sturgeon Bay cuts through the middle of Door County.

Technically, Green Bay and Sturgeon Bay are both considered part of Lake Michigan. However, these bodies of water are so big that some people might not realize that they are simply smaller bays off of Lake Michigan. This isn’t surprising, because these bays are much larger than other bodies of water that some people call lakes.

Inland Bodies of Water Within Door County

If you’re wondering which Great Lake Door County is on, you might also be interested in inland bodies of water within Door County.

The Ahnapee River is in the southernmost part of Door County.  This river crosses county lines into Kewaunee County, where it drains into Lake Michigan at Algoma. The Ahnapee River is legendary for its yearly runs of steelhead trout and salmon.

Clark Lake is in Northern Door County, by Whitefish Dunes State Park and Cave Point County Park. Clark Lake has a small boat launch and a beach. Many people enjoy the warm, calm waters at Clark Lake.

Kangaroo Lake is another inland lake in Door County. This Lake is just south of Baileys Harbor in Northern Door County. Many nature preserves to protect the land around Kangaroo Lake because it is home to many rare plants and animals.

Both Clark Lake and Kangaroo Lake were likely once part of Lake Michigan when it was at higher water levels.


The answer to the question, “What lake is Door County on?” is simple. Door County is on Lake Michigan. However, there are many other facts about other bodies of water in Door County and even more generally in the State of Wisconsin. We hope we have enriched your understanding of Door County’s intimate relationship with the water.

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