Simone Biles Coming to Green Bay

In 2023, Simone Biles married NFL safety Jonathan Owens, who signed to the Green Bay Packers. Here are 10 places you might find her.

1. Lambeau Field

This one is easy. Simone Biles will most certainly attend Green Bay Packers home games at Lambeau Field

2. Church

Did you know that Biles is a Christian? She is a practicing Roman Catholic. Head to church and you just might see her.

3. Dog Park

Simone Biles owns several German Shepherds. These energetic dogs need lots of exercise.

4. Jake's Pizza

Simone Biles loves pizza. Our bet is Jakes as a good place to find her picking up a slice.

5. Little Tokyo Sushi

But, when she's trying to keep it healthier, Biles likes sushi. You might see her downtown at Little Tokyo.

6. Air Force Gymnastics

Simone Biles has gotten back into competition. Air Force is a good bet for a gym where she'll stay competition ready.

7. Cave Point County Park, Door County

Biles has visited Door County as a guest of A.J. Dillon and is sure to return. Cave Point is an extremely popular location here.

8. AC Tap, Door County

If she comes back with Dillon, AC Tap is one of his favorite places to visit.

9. Austin Straubel International Airport

Green Bay's airport, this is a likely spot that Biles will pass through.

10. Zesty's Ice Cream

Besides pizza and sushi, Biles also loves ice cream. Zesty's is a classic Green Bay spot to get a scoop.

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