Hawaii is famous as a vacation spot for many reasons, but one of its best attractions is often overlooked.

Many people know about Maui's famous beaches.

Visiting the U.S.S. Missouri on Oahu is legendary among history and military buffs.

But, seeing volcanoes on the Big Island of Hawaii is a highlight not to be missed and will never be forgotten. You can even see lava pouring into the sea!

The best place to see lava is Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park has an overlook over the cauldera of Kilauea, Hawaii's most active volcano. Under certain conditions, you can actually see lava here.

Make sure to bring binoculars, a spotting scope, or a camera with a telephoto lens to get good views of the lava.

The best time to see the lava is at night, as its glow is easily visible in the darkness.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park also encompasses Mauna Loa, a volcano so tall that it is often snow-covered. In November 2022, Mauna Loa erupted.

You can drive to the top of Mauna Kea, an extremely tall volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii. Take warm clothes. It is cold here even in summer. At the top of Mauna Kea is an observatory.

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