Walleye: Favorite Fish of the North

Walleye Fishing

Walleye is one of the most popular gamefish species in  North America. Anglers love pursuing this elusive fish.

Walleye Appearance

Walleye are gold and yellow in coloration with large mouths and large, dark-colored eyes.

Ice Fishing for Walleye

Ice fishing is a popular way to pursue walleye.

Walleye Feeding

Walleye like to feed in low light conditions and turbulent water condistions. Their keen eyesight helps them in these situations

Eating Walleye

Walleye are extremely popular to eat due to their mild flavor and flaky texture.

Fish Fries

Friday fish fries are popular in the Upper Midwest of the USA, and walleye are often featured.

Culturally Significant

Walleye are culturally significant in the Upper Midwest of the United States and Canada, since they are so highly valued for food and sport. (Photo credit: Wisconsin Denizen via Flicker. Used by permission CC BY 2.0.

Alternative Names for Walleye

1. Scientific Name: Sander vitreus 2. Yellow Walleye 3. Yellow Pike 4. Pickerel (not to be confused with true pickerels) 5. Walleyed Pike 6. Glass Eye 7. Marble Eye 8. Jack Salmon 9. Yellow Perch (in some regions, although it is a distinct species) 10. Doré (common name in French-speaking regions) 11. Walleye Pike

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Door County

Door County, Wisconsin is a great place to catch and eat walleye. Swipe up to learn more about Door County.