A Hidden Gem Lies Along Wisconsin's Lake Michigan Shore | Cave Point County Park

Tucked away in a remote corner of the Door Peninsula of Wisconsin, a natural wonder awaits: Cave Point County Park.

Ancient stone collides with the waves of Lake Michigan to form sea caves that can be explored by kayak.

Incredible Lake Views

Cave Point County Park offers some of the best views of Lake Michigan in Door County.

Huge cliffs dazzle the eyes. These were formed during the Silurian age and carved in present times by the water.

Sea Cave

Just one of the many sea caves carved by Lake Michigan into the cliffs at Cave Point.

Amazing waves get as high as 30 feet at Cave Point County Park.

Devil's Cauldron

This is Cave Point's most famous formation, easily accessible from the parking lot.

Cave Point County Park's gazebo is a popular venue for events such as weddings.

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