Cherry Picking: It Made Door County Famous

Door County

Door County, Wisconsin is a peninsula that juts into Lake Michigan. Known for stunning waterscapes, it's a tourism powerhouse.


Attractions to Door County include its stunning waterscapes, historic lighthouses, and beaches.

Cherry Picking in Door County

But, what originally put Door County on the map as a destination is cherry picking.

Cherry Picking Still Popular

You might think that this is an old-fashioned activity, but it is still incredibly popular and is attracting young people eager to get closer to their food sources and enjoy time outside.

Best Time to Pick Cherries in Door County

The best time to pick cherries in Door County is mid- to late-July.

Where to Pick Cherries in Door County

Door County has cherry orchards throughout the peninsula. Swipe up to find out about some of the best cherry orchards in Door County.

What Kind of Cherries Are in Door County?

The most famous kind of cherry in Door County is the Montmorency cherry. It is tart, making it great for pies. But, you can also pick sweet cherries in most orchards.

How Do You Eat Cherries?

Anyway you like! Tart cherries are good for baking, and sweet cherries are popular for eating fresh.

Cherry Picking is Wholesome, Earthy Fun

Cherry picking is a wholesome, earthy way to spend some time, and it's a nice way for generations to connect with each other.

Nature's Bounty

Many people gain a deep sense of gratitude for nature's bounty through cherry picking.

Cherries Are Beautiful

One of the great things about cherries is that they aren't just delicious and health. They are also beautiful too look at - nice adornments to the table.

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