ChatGPT AI Can Help You Plan Your Vacation

You can use ChatGPT to  take the drudgery out of vacation planning.  Here are ten ideas! Swipe up for the prompts.

Make a Foreign Language Survival Guide

Chatbots can help you communicate with others.

Make a Walking Tour

Let ChatGPT be your tour guide in a city like Paris!

Make a Museum Guide

Not sure what to see at a museum? Let AI help you.

Plan a Roadtrip

Know how far you'll go each day and what's waiting when you arrive.

Make a Budget

Use ChatGPT to give you a sample budget for your vacation.

Use ChatGPT to compose those tedious messages for email, Slack, or voicemail.

Compose an Out-of-Office Reply

Make a Prep List

Don't forget the important steps of vacation prep!

Make a List of Day Hikes

Find the perfect jaunt in the woods through AI like ChatGPT, Bard, or Bing.

Make an Itinerary

Use artificial intelligence to plan the wheres and whens.