Sand Dunes Park Beach [Washington Island]

Welcome to the stunning Sand Dunes Park Beach in Door County, Wisconsin! As a local guide, I’ll unveil the charm of this serene beach on Washington Island. Get ready to soak up the cool waters of Lake Michigan, admire captivating views of Detroit Island, and discover the amenities, safety measures, and costs associated with this enchanting destination. Let’s embark on a memorable journey through the natural wonders and hidden treasures of Sand Dunes Park Beach.

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Sand Dunes Park Beach: General Description

Situated on the south side of Washington Island, Sand Dunes Park Beach not only boasts a scenic shoreline but also provides stunning vistas of Detroit Island. Imagine yourself standing on the golden sands, gazing out across the sparkling waters towards Detroit Island. It’s a sight to behold!

Now, let’s talk about the water. Since Sand Dunes Park Beach is on Lake Michigan’s shores, you can expect the water to be cool and invigorating. While it may not be as warm as a tropical ocean, this coolness can be quite refreshing, especially on hot summer days. Don’t let the initial chill deter you; the crystal-clear waters are perfect for a leisurely swim or a soothing paddle.

Whether you’re a sun seeker, a nature enthusiast, or simply someone seeking respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Sand Dunes Park Beach has something for everyone. It’s a hidden gem on Washington Island that beckons you to explore its sandy shores and embrace the tranquility of Lake Michigan.


Ample parking is available near the beach, ensuring that you can easily access this natural paradise without the worry of finding a spot for your vehicle. Once you’ve parked, take a moment to appreciate the breathtaking surroundings before venturing closer to the sandy shores.

When hunger strikes, you’ll be delighted to find picnic tables scattered throughout the area. These inviting spots beckon you to bring along a delicious packed lunch or snacks to enjoy with family and friends. Soak up the warm sunshine, relish the gentle lake breeze, and savor your meal amidst the soothing ambiance of Sand Dunes Park Beach.

Grilling enthusiasts will be pleased to discover the presence of grills, allowing you to indulge in a classic beachside barbecue. Fire up the grill and cook up some mouthwatering favorites while savoring the idyllic atmosphere. Picture the tantalizing aromas wafting through the air, mingling with the invigorating scent of the lake. It’s a feast for the senses!

To ensure comfort and convenience, toilets are available for beachgoers. These facilities provide a necessary respite when nature calls or a quick change of clothes is required. They are well-maintained and designed to blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings.

It’s important to note that Sand Dunes Park Beach does not offer rentals or concessions on-site. This intentional choice preserves the unspoiled beauty of the beach, maintaining its serene atmosphere. However, don’t fret! You can bring your own beach gear, including chairs, umbrellas, and water toys, to make the most of your time here.

Sand Dunes Park Beach presents a perfect balance of nature’s wonders and essential amenities, ensuring that your visit is comfortable and enjoyable without compromising its pristine charm. Now, let’s move on to the next section, where we’ll uncover the captivating natural features that make this beach truly remarkable.

Beach Safety

Your safety is paramount during your visit to Sand Dunes Park Beach. As a Door County local who values your well-being, allow me to share some essential tips and guidelines to ensure your beach experience remains both enjoyable and secure. Let’s explore various aspects of beach safety that you should keep in mind.

No Lifeguard at Sand Dunes Park Beach, So Practice the Buddy System

Sand Dunes Park Beach does not have a lifeguard on duty. It’s important to remember that when enjoying the water, you are responsible for your own safety and the safety of your companions. Always practice the buddy system and swim with a partner. Look out for each other, stay within sight, and be aware of your surroundings.

Sun Safety

The sun’s rays can be intense, even on seemingly cloudy days. Protect yourself from harmful UV rays by applying sunscreen with a high SPF before heading to the beach. Remember to reapply it regularly, especially after swimming. Wear a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, and lightweight, breathable clothing to shield yourself from excessive sun exposure.

Watch for Hypothermia

As Sand Dunes Park Beach is located on Lake Michigan, the water can be cool even during the summer months. Be aware of the potential for hypothermia, a condition that arises when your body loses heat faster than it can produce it. Symptoms of hypothermia can include shivering, cold and pale skin, fatigue, confusion, and difficulty speaking.

If someone exhibits signs of hypothermia, it’s crucial to take immediate action. Move them to a warmer place, remove any wet clothing, and cover them with warm blankets or towels. Seek medical assistance promptly to ensure proper care.

Water Quality Safety

To ensure the safety of the water at Sand Dunes Park Beach, it’s recommended to check the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’ (DNR) water quality beach advisory map. The map provides up-to-date information on water quality conditions and any potential advisories or closures. It’s always a good idea to stay informed before diving into the water.

By following these beach safety guidelines, you can enjoy your time at Sand Dunes Park Beach with peace of mind. Now, let’s move on to the next section, where we’ll uncover the natural wonders and activities that make this beach an extraordinary destination for nature enthusiasts.


When planning your visit to Sand Dunes Park Beach, it’s important to consider the associated costs. As a beach administered by the Town of Washington, a nominal fee may be charged for access to its parks, including Sand Dunes Park Beach. Rest assured that this fee goes towards the maintenance and preservation of these natural spaces, ensuring their availability for future visitors to enjoy.

Additionally, it’s worth considering the potential costs related to food and beverages during your beach outing. While Sand Dunes Park Beach does not have on-site concessions, you have the freedom to bring your own refreshments. Packing a cooler filled with snacks, sandwiches, and drinks can help you stay nourished and hydrated while enjoying the beach.

By being mindful of these costs and planning accordingly, you can make the most of your experience at Sand Dunes Park Beach without any unexpected financial surprises. Now, let’s proceed to the final section, where we’ll conclude our exploration of this remarkable beach and summarize its key highlights.

General Information: Sand Dunes Park Beach

Address: S Shore Dr, Washington, WI 54246

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my own beach equipment to Sand Dunes Park Beach?

Absolutely! You are more than welcome to bring your own beach equipment, such as chairs, umbrellas, and water toys, to enhance your experience at Sand Dunes Park Beach. Just remember to be mindful of your surroundings and fellow beachgoers while setting up your space.

Are pets allowed at Sand Dunes Park Beach?

Leashed pets are allowed at Sand Dunes Park Beach.

Can I have a bonfire or camp overnight at Sand Dunes Park Beach?

Bonfires and overnight camping are not permitted at Sand Dunes Park Beach. This regulation is in place to maintain the beach’s natural beauty and protect the environment. However, there are designated camping areas in Door County where you can indulge in a campfire experience or spend the night under the stars.

If you have any additional questions or need further information, feel free to reach out to the Town of Washington or the local authorities responsible for Sand Dunes Park Beach. They will be happy to assist you and provide any necessary clarifications.

Summary: Sand Dunes Park Beack

  • Sand Dunes Park Beach: A serene oasis on Washington Island, Door County, WI
  • Enjoy cool, refreshing waters of Lake Michigan; face Detroit Island for stunning views
  • Amenities include parking, picnic tables, grills, toilets (no rentals or concessions)
  • Practice beach safety: buddy system, sun protection, watch for hypothermia
  • Check Wisconsin DNR’s water quality beach advisory map for water safety
  • Nominal fee for access; bring your own food and beverages
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