Free Visitors’ Guide by Hello Door County

Your Essential Guide to Door County

Planning a vacation isn’t easy, no matter where you go. It’s probably even tougher planning a vacation to Door County.

Part of Door County’s charm is it’s rustic nature and resistance to modern commercialization. But, that also means that information about Door County can be hard to come by.

That’s where Hello Door County’s Free Vacation Guide comes in. This 5-part guide will help you know what makes Door County unique, orient you to the best activities and attractions, give you tips to find the best dining experiences for your group, help you find lodging, and finally tell you about some places to escape the crowds.

What You Will Get

The 5-part Vacation Guide will send you a daily email for 5 days, covering the following topics:

Day 1: What Makes Door County Special? This edition will help you understand why Door County is such a unique place to visit.

Day 2: Best Things To Do in Door County. This edition will help orient you to some of the most popular activities and attractions Door County has to offer.

Day 3: Where to Eat in Door County. This edition will whet your appetite for Door County’s unique culinary scene, keying you in on some dining experiences only available here.

Day 4: Where to Stay in Door County. This edition help you choose the perfect lodging for your Door County stay.

Day 5: Door County’s Best Kept Secrets [Downloadable PDF]. It’s no secret – even while Door County is comparatively remote, it still is increasingly popular year-over-year. Sometimes you just need to get away from the crowds, and this resource has a few opportunities to do just that.

About the Author

Mark Stoneman is the founder and editor of Hello Door County and the Hello Travel Newsletter. A seasoned traveler both domestically and internationally, Mark has a deep passion for exploring new places and cultures. In his younger years, he worked as a whitewater rafting guide and backcountry backpacker, gaining a wealth of adventurous experiences. Now settled in Door County with his wife and three children, Mark continues to share his love for travel and local exploration, inspiring others to discover the beauty and wonders of Door County and other locations through his writing and editorial work.