17 Best Blogging Podcasts According to a Real Listener

Perhaps you’re stuck in your blogging journey, or your want to level up your niche site to greater profits. If you’re like me, you want advice and insight to make improvements, and podcasts are your go-to source for that information. That’s where this article comes in. It will help you discover the best blogging podcasts so that you can push through to fully realize your website’s potential.

I’m a real listener to blogging podcasts. That’s why I included screenshots from the Spotify app on my phone for the podcasts I listen to – social proof that I value these podcasts. If you look on the left side of each of those images, you’ll see a box that says ‘Following.’

Podcasts are my preferred method of learning this kind of content. I think I’m in the minority here. Most people seem to prefer YouTube, and lots of these podcasts are also on YouTube. That’s fine if it works for them. But, it doesn’t work for me.

Podcast setup with superimposed text: best blogging podcasts

When I’m on my laptop, I can’t concentrate on my work at hand and also concentrate on content-heavy audio. That’s why I generally listen to music when I’m on my laptop.

But, when I’m driving? That’s when my mind is prepped and ready to listen to content. These podcasts are often my driving companions day-to-day.

Finally, one note about terminology. As we discuss these podcasts, you’ll encounter several different terms: blogs and blogging, niche website building, authority website building, digital publishing, content marketing, and internet marketing. What’s the difference between all of these? In short, nothing. While there’s certainly some nuance here (mainly related to approach,) all of these terms boil down to roughly the same thing: using text-based content on the web to make money.

Okay, I’ve talked too much. Here’s the list of best blogging podcasts. Enjoy!

17 Best Blogging Podcasts

The first thirteen of these podcasts are ones that I actually listen to. I’m including screenshots of their cards from my Spotify app to demonstrate that I do actually follow them.

The final four I list are ones that I haven’t listened to but are highly rated on other sources from the web.

Best All-Around Blogging Podcast: Niche Pursuits Podcast.

The best all-around blogging podcast is the Niche Pursuits Podcast.

Screenshot of Niche Pursuits Podcast

Quick Facts

NameNiche Pursuits Podcast
Host(s)Spencer Haws, Jared Bauman
TopicsBlogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, website flipping
Format(s)Guest interviews, discussion
Typical Length1 hr
ProsInspiring stories, actionable steps, family-friendly, many viewpoints from guests
ConsThe quality of episodes depends on the quality of the guests, discussion sometimes revolves around screen shares


Founded by Spencer Haws, Jared Bauman now is the regular host of Niche Pursuits. Even though Jared is the regular host, Spencer still shows up. And, recently, Niche Pursuits has been releasing a weekly co-host conversation episode that regularly features Spencer.

This podcast utilizes several different formats including guest interviews and co-host conversations. The guests they bring on are the real deal – success stories who have “made it” in the niche site space. But, almost all of them started where most of you reading this started – putting in the hours in the early morning, late night, and on the weekends.


This is such a strong podcast both because of the caliber of the guests they bring on and also because of the hosts. Both Jared and Spencer themselves are accomplished in the SEO (search engine optimization) world. But, they are also both excellent interviewers, able to bring out the best that the guests have to offer.

Each episode combines both inspiration to work hard and also actionable steps that can be followed to focus that work. It’s a great, well-rounded combination that keeps me waiting for their next episode.

One thing I appreciate about this podcast is that it’s generally rated PG. I listen to podcasts while I drive, and lots of times I drive with my kids in the car. I appreciate that they don’t have much profanity or talk about topics I don’t want my kids to hear about.


Niche Pursuits is an all-around great podcast, but on occasion they can have an episode that just misses. Mainly, this is tied to the quality of the guests they bring on. Most guests are awesome, but occasionally they have a guest who isn’t quite of the same caliber.

Also, this podcast is the audio of a YouTube vlog. Usually, this presents no problem, especially when they are interviewing guests. But, sometimes they share their screens during the discussion. For those of us who listen to podcasts on services like Spotify or Apple Podcasts, we miss out.

The Verdict

I’ve learned a ton from Niche Pursuits and owe them a great debt of gratitude for all the information they have helped me ingest.

It was really hard to choose between Niche Pursuits and Authority Hacker for best all-around blogging podcast. But, the well-rounded approach plus the fact that I can listen to them with my kids in the car gave them a little edge over Authority Hacker.

Best Blogging Podcast for Actionable Steps: Authority Hacker

The best blogging podcast for actionable steps to take is Authority Hacker.

Screenshot of The Authority Hacker Podcast

Quick Facts

NameAuthority Hacker
Host(s)Gael Breton and Mark Webster
TopicsBlogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, link building
Format(s)Co-host discussion
Typical Length1 hr
ProsActionable steps, real word experience
ConsReferences to screen shares, dependent on paid tools, oriented towards scaled operations, not family-friendly


Co-hosted by Gael Breton and Mark Webster, Authority Hacker is one of the most practical blogging podcasts out there. Literally every episode they set out tips that you can implement directly in building your website. It’s called “Authority Hacker” after the “Authority Site System,” a method of building websites that they teach through their paid community and courses.

Most episodes are conversations between the two co-hosts. They are a great team, and lots of fun to listen to. Gael is a great experimenter, always tinkering with new projects. Mark is an excellent systems guy. It’s a powerful combination.

Occasionally they have guests on the podcast. Every guest they bring on is a power player, and they’re good interviewers.


One of the pros of Authority Hacker is the consistency of their podcast. Every single episode is a winner. This is because most of the episodes are discussions between the two hosts. The quality of the episodes isn’t dependent on the guests, like Niche Pursuits.

Another pro, in my eyes, is all the actionable information that they share. Honestly, I like being told what to do in clear, concise steps.

Finally, you do get the sense that both Gael and Mark are real-world practitioners in building websites who are honest about both their accomplishments and their struggles. Pretty often they say things like, “Yeah, it takes my websites about a year to gain traction.” That’s not the sort of thing lots of podcast hosts say who are trying to sell get-rich-quick courses.

It’s that honesty that also makes me think that they’re honest about their successes.


As an audio listener to Authority Hacker, I think I get most of the value they offer in their episodes. But, this is a video-first production, and they will refer to screen shares that I can’t see.

Also, this isn’t a podcast that I play with my kids in the car. There’s some language there, and they can refer to stuff I wouldn’t want my teen girls having on their minds.

Finally, in general, I find that their approach often depends on cash flows that I simply do not have yet. They make frequent references to paid tools and the use of virtual assistants, and so on. I’d like to get to that point, but I’m not there yet.

The Verdict

Don’t let those criticisms dissuade you from listening to Authority Hacker, though. Honestly, it was really hard to choose between Niche Pursuits and Authority Hacker for best all-around blogging podcast. I value what these guys put out, precisely because what they put out is so high value. I’m thankful for this podcast, and I always look forward to their new episodes.

Best Blogging Podcast for Beginners: The Blogging Millionaire

The Best Blogging Podcast for Beginners is The Blogging Millionaire.

Screenshot of The Blogging Millionair

Quick Facts

NameThe Blogging Millionaire
Host(s)Brandon Gaille
TopicsBlogging, SEO, click-through rate optimization
Format(s)Talking head
Typical Length5-20 minutes
ProsAudio first approach, beginner friendly, actionable steps, real-world experience, faith connection
ConsLimited to one man’s perspective, particularly long product pitches


Hosted by Brandon Gaille, The Blogging Millionaire is an excellent podcast for beginners, even though advanced website builders can learn much from this podcast as well.

This podcast takes a very different approach than the first two podcasts. It’s short-form, and it’s simply Brandon speaking. There is no back-and-forth between him and a co-host or a guest.

Brandon offers what is essentially a complete beginner’s course to blogging. This was one of the first podcasts I listened to when I started my blogging journey, and it helped immensely.


Brandon is an in-the-trenches website builder. Because of this, he comes off as quite trustworthy for his advice.

The advice is always specific and actionable. Most episodes center around several tactics that bloggers can use to improve their blogs. And, that advice is always backed up by lots of statistics, research, and his own experience.

Brandon has a slow, methodical way of speaking in the podcasts. This is helpful for the sake of understanding the concepts he puts forward.

And, something I appreciate about this podcast is Brandon’s personal story he relates. He’s had quite the journey in life, and as a Christian, I particularly like how he relates his Christian faith to blogging.


Because The Blogging Millionaire is a one-man show, it doesn’t benefit from the insights that can be gained by the back-and-forth of a host with a co-host or a guest.

Also, Brandon’s pitches for his digital products in the episodes can be quite lengthy. If the episodes themselves were longer, I wouldn’t mind. But, a lengthy pitch in a short episode erodes the value of that episode.

The Verdict

This is one of the first blogging podcasts I listened to, and he’s helped me immensely. I highly recommend it, especially (but not only) for beginners.

Best Mastermind Blogging Podcast: The Doug Show

Okay, weird heading for this one, I know. But,  hear me out. The Best Mastermind Blogging Podcast is The Doug Show. Read on, and you’ll see what I mean by this.

Screenshot of The Doug Show

Quick Facts

NameThe Doug Show
Host(s)Doug Cunnington
TopicsBlogging, SEO, affiliate marketing
Format(s)Guest interview
Typical Length1 hour
ProsAudio first approach, real-world experience, on-air brainstorming
ConsQuality of the show is dependent on the guests, not family-friendly


Doug Cunnington is an accomplished affiliate marketer who also offers coaching relationships to aspiring bloggers. That coaching experience comes out at times in his interviews as he thinks through potential avenues for growth with his guests. That’s why I call it the Best Mastermind Blogging Podcast.


The thing I value most about The Doug Show is his unhurried approach to hosting his podcast. This allows him to take time with his guests to talk through various scenarios and strategies for growth.

I’ve benefitted from this. One of my first link-building campaigns came through a conversation that Doug had with a guest. That campaign worked and helped me secure some great links!

Also, Doug takes an audio-first approach to his podcast. He’s never referenced a screen share (that I can remember.) I feel like I’m getting the full value by being an audio consumer of his podcast.


As with any podcast that utilizes the guest interview format, his episode quality is dependent on the guests he has on. Some are great. Other guests are less so. And, some guests have such poor audio quality on their side that I just stop listening.

Also, this isn’t one of the podcasts I listen to with my kids in the car, on account of language.

The Verdict

I always look forward to when Doug releases a new episode. It’s a solid podcast and has helped to get the creative juices flowing, at least for me.

Best Grey Hat Blogging Podcast: Niche Website Builders Podcast

The Best Grey Hat Blogging Podcast is Niche Website Builders Podcast.

Screenshot of Niche Website Builders Show

If you’re not familiar with what “grey hat” means when it comes to SEO, here’s a breakdown:

  • White hat SEO refers to practices that are both legal and approved by Google.
  • Grey hat SEO refers to practices that are legal but frowned upon by Google.
  • Black hat SEO refers to practices that are both illegal and frowned upon by Google.

I don’t have a problem with grey hat SEO, as I don’t consider it immoral, and it is not illegal. (I would never get into black hat SEO.)

Quick Facts

NameNiche Website Builders Podcast
Host(s)James Delacey
TopicsBlogging, SEO, affiliate marketing
Format(s)Guest interview
Typical Length1 hour
ProsAudio first approach, openness to discussing grey hat techniques
ConsNot beginner-friendly, not family-friendly, uneven production


Niche Website Builders Podcast features discussions between the host James Delacey and practitioners in the niche site space. It had an “insider’s discussion” feel about it. James is less squeamish than some other podcast hosts in talking about various grey hat strategies. 


Niche Website Builders Podcast differs from some of the other podcasts on this list in that the host and guests are a little more open and willing to talk about grey-hat SEO techniques. Even if you don’t utilize grey hat techniques, these discussions can help understand how Google’s algorithm works, which will assist in implementing good white hat techniques.

I also appreciate the audio-first approach to this podcast. It tends not to be too dependent on screenshares, and so on.


I find this podcast to be a little less beginner-friendly than others. It’s sort of an “insiders’ discussion” format. Still, beginners will learn a lot just by listening in.

This podcast is also definitely not family-friendly, both in terms of language and some of the content discussed.

Finally, the production of this podcast can be quite uneven. Audio levels, for example, can be all over the place. Transitions aren’t particularly smooth.


I’ve learned a lot from Niche Website Builders Podcast and have implemented techniques I’ve learned from it. If you’re new to blogging, start with some of the other podcasts and then branch into this one.

Funnest Blogging Podcast: Seeking Profit

The funnest blogging podcast to listen to is Seeking Profit.

Screenshot of Seeking Profit

Quick Facts

NameSeeking Profit
Host(s)Emil Shour, Andrew Fiebert
TopicsBlogging, SEO, affiliate marketing
Format(s)Co-host discussion
Typical Length30 minutes
ProsFun listening, actionable advice, good production
ConsLower value-add than other podcasts


Seeking Profit is a really fun podcast associated with Lasso, one of the most popular resources for affiliate marketers. The co-hosts present some of the most fundamental topics in content marketing.


I like to listen to Seeking Profit because I like to listen to Seeking Profit. That’s not a circular statement. Seeking Profit is just plain fun to listen to – well-produced without being over-produced, with two humorous co-hosts.

Seeking Profit also has lots of actionable advice that you can implement on your website.


There’s less value-add for Seeking Profit than some of the other podcasts on this list. For example, Niche Pursuits adds value through the insights of their guests, and Authority Hacker adds value by sharing all their experiments.


Seeking Profit is a great podcast to get some solid, actionable advice for your website in a fun format that’s easy to listen to.

Most Inspiring Blogging Podcast: Fat Stacks

Fat Stacks is the most inspiring blogging podcast. If you want to gain the sense that anyone can find success in building a niche site, this is the podcast to listen to.

Screenshot of Fat Stacks Blog Podcast

Quick Facts

NameFat Stacks
Host(s)Jon Dykstra
TopicsContent creation, ads
Format(s)Talking head
Typical Length15 minutes
ProsAccessible, inspiring
ConsIrregularity, somewhat dated content


Fat Stacks is the podcast of Jon Dykstra, one of the most popular and influential voices in the digital publishing industry. Fat Stacks exudes Dykstras modus operandi. It’s a “lowest viable product” operation. There is no production value with no introduction and no flubs (including fairly major ones like dropping a microphone) edited out. And, it’s quintessential “awe shucks, I just kind of wander into success” Jon Dykstra.

Jon Dykstra is most known for a full-blast, content-heavy approach with heavy ad monetization. It’s all about scale. Get enough articles out there, and you’ll get some articles ranking, and you’ll get ad revenue.

Hey, Jon, if you’re out there somewhere – a tip: Six months ago I searched for your name on Spotify because I had heard you on another blogging podcast. Your podcast didn’t come up! I think this is because your name is listed as “Jon D.” You might want to change that last initial to your full last name.


In some ways, Fat Stacks is the most accessible blogging podcast. Jon doesn’t deal in jargon or insider talk much. That’s a real benefit for those who are towards the beginning of their niche site journey.

Also, I find Jon Dykstra rather inspiring in his “awe-shucks” schtick. I suspect that Jon is much more intelligent and skilled at SEO than he leads on, but his mantra is, “Look, if I can do this, you can do this.” And, the methods he lays out certainly are accessible to just about anyone.


The two cons for this podcast are related: Irregularity and dated content.

Jon seems to release podcast episodes when he’s simply interested in doing so. That’s okay. We’ll take what he has to offer!

However, unfortunately, this means that a good bit of his content is dated – over three years old, which is ancient in the SEO world. As I listen to some of his episodes, I get frustrated that they don’t reflect the current reality in search engines.

The Verdict

Fat Stacks is an inspiring blogging podcast to listen to. You’ll come away with ideas about how you can create a profitable content business. Even more importantly, you’ll come away with the attitude that you can find success.

Best Website Flipping Podcast: Empire Flippers Podcast

The Empire Flippers Podcast is released by Empire Flippers, a marketplace for buying and selling niche websites. These are the ones to listen to learn about buying and selling websites for a profit.

Screenshot of Empire Flippers Podcast

Quick Facts

NameEmpire Flippers
Host(s)Gregory Elfrink
TopicsBusiness acquisitions and sales, scaling, SEO
Format(s)Guest interview
Typical Length1 hour
ProsKnowledgeable guests and host, good production
ConsNot beginner friendly


This podcast is released by one of the top-shelf online business marketplaces in the industry. They cover topics like business acquisitions and sales, SEO, and scaling.

It’s well-produced, and the host is a great interviewer who himself has a wealth of knowledge, even going back to his days as an oilfield roughneck. (Interesting stuff!)


Both the guests and the host are extremely knowledgeable. These are people who have “made it” in the industry.

I also like the production value of this podcast.


Empire Flippers is known for listing businesses at a price point well beyond the grasp of many people. This is reflected in the podcast as well. Many of the topics take up subject matter that beginners won’t need to worry about for a long time. In other words, it’s not a particularly beginner-friendly podcast.

The Verdict

For lots of people, digital publishing is something they get into out of an entrepreneurial strategy. These are people willing to risk big money and enlist the labor of others to build their personal wealth. It’s perfect for those individuals, and even others who have a somewhat different approach can gain from it.

Best Side Hustle Podcast

The Best Side Hustle Podcast is, appropriately enough, The Side Hustle Show. This is one of the first blogging podcasts I ever listened to.

screenshot of The Side Hustle Show

Quick Facts

NameThe Side Hustle Show
Host(s)Nick Loper
TopicsSide hustles
Format(s)Guest interview
Typical Length1 hour
ProsGreat host, inspiring stories, general side hustle information
ConsNot just about blogging


For many bloggers, building a website is a side hustle next to a nine-to-five job. It certainly is for me! The Side Hustle Show is all about side hustles. Some episodes feature bloggers as guests, but even those that don’t offer value to help give inspiration and knowledge to those building websites as a side hustle.


One of the pros is just how great of a host Nick Loper is. He’s able to bring out the best in his guests, and he has a ton of experience in side hustles himself.

The guests he brings on all have inspiring stories. And, let’s be honest, it takes a ton of inspiration to make a side hustle work. Besides this, they offer a wealth of information.


The only real con is that The Side Hustle Show talks about side hustles in general, not just about blogging. While every episode offers value to side-hustling bloggers, some might not want to hear about somebody else’s dog-walking business.

The Verdict

As one of the first blogging podcasts I ever listened to, I owe The Side Hustle Show a great debt of gratitude. It’s worth scrolling through the archives to find the blog-related episodes, and episodes that take up other topics are worth listening to also.

Best Long Form SEO Podcast: The Search Engine Journal Show

The Best Long Form SEO Podcast is The Search Engine Journal Show.

Screenshot of The Search Engine Journal Show

Quick Facts

NameThe Search Engine Journal Show
Host(s)Loren Baker
TopicsProfessional SEO
Format(s)Guest interview
Typical Length1 hour
ProsInformation rich
ConsFocussed on professional SEOs


The Search Engine Journal Show is the podcast of well regarded SEO publication The Search Engine Journal. It’s focused on search engine optimization professionals (they often call themselves SEOs). Interestingly enough, while The Search Engine Journal itself is a pretty white-hat publication, the guests can be very willing to discuss grey-hat tactics.


This is the podcast to listen to get into the nitty-gritty of SEO, as it offers information-rich episodes from those who do SEO for a living.


Since these are mainly professional SEOs as guests, they are working at scales and with budgets far beyond what most niche website builders have. This limits the practicality of what they offer for most bloggers.

The Verdict

Give this one a listen. You’ll learn a lot, even if you don’t understand everything at first. (I still don’t understand everything!) One of the best things I’ve come away with from listening to this podcast is to not be afraid to break my website. These professionals all talk about breaking websites and ruining search positions for multi-million dollar businesses. If you want to push through to great things in SEO, it seems like you need to be willing to experiment. Some experiments are going to go well, others less so, and you can recover from the ones that don’t go well.

Best Short Form SEO Podcast: SEO in 2023.

The Best Short Form SEO Podcast is SEO in 2023 by backlink evaluating business Majestic.

screenshot of SEO in 2023

Quick Facts

NameSEO in 2023
Host(s)David Bain
TopicsProfessional SEO
Format(s)Guest interview
Typical Length`15 minutes
ProsInformation rich, “what not to do”
ConsFocussed on professional SEOs


SEO in 2023 offers quick discussions between host David Bain and lots of professional SEO guests. 


The short format means that they are high-value and information-rich. This podcast cuts to the chase.

Also, I like the segment in which they discuss “what not to do.” It’s a chance for the guests to discuss SEO tactics and strategies they believe are overrated or counterproductive. It’s helpful!


Like The Search Engine Journal Show, SEO in 2023 is focused on professional SEOs. This means that not everything applies to solo bloggers.

These are all the blogging podcasts I listen to, but there are several other podcasts frequently cited on the internet as valuable, so I’ll list them here, as well:

Smart Passive Income

I don’t listen to Smart Passive Income yet, but I probably will soon. You can’t listen to any of the other podcasts without hearing host Pat Flynn’s name come up. He’s highly influential in the digital publishing world. This is a podcast surely worth listening to.

How They Blog

Hosted by Kat Less, How They Blog hasn’t been producing new content for a while, but some sources indicate that the backlog still offers value.

Do You Even Blog

Pete McPherson brings on digital publishers to discuss blogging. This podcasts’s releases have become less regular lately, but there’s still high value to be had by going through the archives.

Blogging Your Passion

Host Jonathan Milligan hosts this podcast that offers high value for developing bloggers.

Self-Made Writers

Self-Made Writers is focused on writers, in general, to help them monetize their craft over the internet. While a lot of blogging podcasts approach blogging from a profit-first perspective, this approaches it from a writing-first perspective.

ProBlogger Podcast

Even though this podcast hasn’t been active for a few years, the archives can still offer value to bloggers today. Host Darren Rowse crafts episodes that can help both beginners and advanced digital publishers.

Why Listen to Blogging Podcasts?

  • Gain information
  • Gain inspiration
  • Audio format is good to take in content while doing other tasks like driving or housework

How To Listen to Blogging Podcasts

You can listen to blogging podcasts on several platforms, including:

  • Spotify (my personal choice)
  • YouTube
  • Apple Podcasts
  • Google Podcasts

Conclusion: Best Blogging Podcasts

Every podcast has pros and cons. Some are better at conveying certain kinds of information than others. Really, which blogging podcasts are most helpful is up to you. But, hopefully, this list is a good jumping-off point for you to explore all the great free information available in audio to help you on your blogging journey.

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